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Using laptopEver thought of writing your own book, well what about an ebook. It is easier and cheaper to do than bringing out a printed book. In the age of the modern era, people like to read on the internet and from different electronic devices like e readers and tablets. As you can imagine it is a massive marketplace and it’s something that you could have much success with. But you need to feel in the mood to type up thousands of words and come up with a story, it is much easier to do it on a passion. The good thing about doing ebooks is they do not cost a fortune to do, there are no printing costs for a start.

Where do I even begin?

Think of a storyline and write it down or type it up in a microsoft word document, on this you can create a book setup. Are you going to write a book that is fictional or nonfictional. It could be an adventure story or an informational book on looking after certain pets for example. What about the title, really think at what is going to stand out and be memorable. It doesn’t have to be long winded, but linking up to what the book is about.

If it helps of what to write about, do a brainstorm diagram of ideas, that may help. Take breaks in between writing and don’t forget to update a page on any sources like websites that were used for research, if you are producing an informational book. Include the copyright page on the second page, here is a web page to help you out.

Front cover and imagery

You can try to create the front cover yourself or pay a small amount for someone to create one for you on Fiverr. If you are going to use images if it’s a fiction book, then use your own captured photos or go to a paid stock photo website to make sure you are covered from copyright, it will give you for example maybe 100 to 200 images in a year for a price like £99 a year, but there are other options available.

Don’t forget grammar

You have to make sure to proofread the whole ebook, once you have finished. Again you can pay to have this done on Fiverr or go through carefully yourself, making sure there are the correct punctuation marks and all the spelling is up to scratch. There is nothing worse than spelling errors, because the reader will lose interest and it doesn’t do you any favours as you start out. Use the feature on microsoft word to check or use the website Grammarly and this is free or to go onto paid to be able to access every feature.

Price and selling

Amazon is a huge marketplace for ebooks especially with the Amazon kindle and e readers that so many people have. I recommend signing up to thier direct publishing, when you are ready you can upload your finished ebook. They make it an easy process. Whilst selling on Amazon, you may have your own website, definitely place it for sale on there to.

The process is that you will write a short description about the ebook and upload the front cover to be saved in PDF format. Pricing, you can start anywhere from 99p, but it is best to make it as low as possible, because unless it’s best-selling already and a very long book, then an expensive price will detract people from buying.

Also the Apple app store is another big marketplace and it would be a good idea to also sell on there to.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting is absolutely key to getting your ebook out there, otherwise who is going to know it’s about. Use the normal avenues of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, build up your followers. Using forums is a good way at building up followers and even doing a video on your ebook on YouTube. Try to get reviews from websites that will then advertise your book on their site.


It is possible to earn from an ebook, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Promotion will be what sets you apart and it’s something that you need to work on all the time. Take your time and check through your work as you go along.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

Source: https://www.websitex5.com/en/create-ebook.html?utm_source=PPC&__c=1

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4 thoughts on “Write an ebook”

  1. Thank you so much for this great post! I had thought about writing and publishing my own ebooks but was so worried that it would be an extremely complicated process, so I didn’t know where to begin. No doubt writing and publishing and promoting an ebook will still require A TON of work, but you have outlined the whole process from start to finish in such an ABC simple steps way, it feels so much more doable now.

    Question: What is the cost Amazon charges to direct publish for you?

    1. Hello Desa,

      Its great to hear that my article comes across in a way that is easy to understand. 

      To publish on Amazon is free and for them to do the publishing for you can range from 100 to $250 and in pounds is 70 to 200.

      Thank you


  2. This is a great article with the basics of getting your book out there.  I am here to tell you that in todays day and age and with the technology it is easier to get your book read.

    If you want to publish a book now is the time.  people need to read your article to have a basic blue print.

    Thank you so much for a great article.


    1. Hello Dale,

      With todays technology it makes it so much easier to get your book in front of more people, which is great.

      Thank you


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