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Work from home (no scams) Don’t be the next victim

Happy man on the laptopThere are legitimate ways of working from home to earn an online income, you just got to know where to look and be careful what you sign up for. Thousands of people around the world get scammed on a daily basis online, just trying to find that solution. The internet has been around for decades now and there are more and more scams coming up every day. I don’t want you being fooled by a scam and loosing a lot of money. It really does give other innocent websites and the internet in general a bad name in making money online.

Included on this page is a link and if you sign up, I will get paid, thank you.

How to not be the next victim

  • Does it tell you that you have to spend loads of money to sign up for that magical service, that is saying you will earn masses of money in a matter of weeks. Well stop right there and don’t click the button. Anything that is saying this is a scam, you have to put hard work in and spend time in achieving an online income.
  • Research the website on the internet, there are sure to be many reviews on it being a big scam.
  • When others have signed up to scams, they are bombarded with tons of emails and there are loads of upsells that keep popping up on the website.
  • Testimonials from so called happy people, whether they are videos or write ups. The videos will actually be of professionals where their gigs were purchased of Fiverr, to talk in a video. Saying “I earned so much money in only a few days”.

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Legit Work From Home Jobs

Remember to declare any extra income on an annual tax return to HMRC for anybody reading in the UK and for other countries that have a similar situation. Some of these jobs below may require you to go self employed as a freelancer because of the type of work that is involved.

  1. Blogger – I really recommend doing blogging, you can create a website on any passion of yours. You just have to like writing, as content needs to be added on a weekly basis. You can earn from people clicking on links and buying the product/service, advertising and even offering website services to other people.
  2. Transcriber – This is not going to be for everyone, but they do pay well. Can you correctly type at least 65 words per minute, then being a typist could be right up your street. It involves listening or reading wording and typing down in a certain period of time. Some sites will pay better than others and you could make a decent little income over time. Join up on this website called Take Note and see if you pass the tests.
  3. Internet Analyst – There will be tasks to complete like choosing the correct grammatical sentences and checking google search results for example. Appen is an Australian company that you can sign up to and complete different tasks. They have recently added PayPal as a payment option or you can get paid via another platform called Payoneer but there is a minimum payout threshold of $50 dollars which can be a pit of a pain.
  4. Tutoring – Be an online tutor in your favoured subject, it could be Maths, ICT, foreign languages and many others. Work part-time and have pride in teaching many students via web cams. There are no hard tests to do and you don’t need a university degree to apply. Superprof is the place to sign up for free. You could end up earning up to £3000 per month, stated on their website.
  5. Product tester – Once you sign up, see if you get selected to test a product. The great thing is you get to keep the item and give your opinion on it. You may not get a lot items to test out or you may get a lot, it varies. Some people have had expensive digital items to test and keep. Toluna is a website where you can do product tests and you can complete paid surveys.
  6. Buy and sell – Work entirely for yourself and earn a full time income buying from wholesalers or auctions and selling on for profit on websites. It is a very competitive marketplace and items being sold from countries like China can undercut you, so that is something to keep in mind. That is why this is low down on my list, but many people have been successful in this field. Do your research to what items are really going to sell, you want to start of small and then go along as a process, keeping track of all expenses.
  7. Telephone/online chat advisor – There are companies out there looking to employ people to work from home to provide customer service by chatting on the phone or online. It could be a monotonous job and again not for everyone. There are other jobs where you sell products or a service to. Do a search on the internet and go with a reputable company.
  8. Be a representative – Drop of catalogues from companies like Avon which sell beauty products through peoples letterboxes and collect to see for any orders. Then drop off their orders once they are delivered to you. Its something where you could get to know the local community more and build fantastic relationships with your customers. There are many people that have earned well through this. Usually with these type of opportunities, you will get trained up by someone who also works as an Avon rep but trains up others. This is another progression with these companies.

Anything you sign up for, always read the terms and conditions. I know some can be quite long winded, but its best to check through, so you don’t come across any nasty surprises down the road.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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8 thoughts on “Work from home (no scams) Don’t be the next victim”

  1. Hello Eden,

    The internet has made a lot possible for all of us, most especially breaking new grounds in income generation. I think blogging is the best way to make income off the internet because it entails doing what you like and getting paid for it.

    I own a blog and my income is not crazy yet, but I’m hopeful it will yield good returns in the near future 

    Thanks for sharing,

    warm regards

    1. Hello Louis, 

      The internet is a powerful tool if used in the right way and can be very positive. It is great to be able to blog about your passions and although it may take time to earn an income, it is still a good way of trying to earn online. 

      All the best with your blogging and the income will come.

      Best Wishes


  2. Thank you for this amazing post, I find it really helpful and informative. This to me is worth reading for anyone out there wanting to make money online. I have been a victim of some online scams and it is such a miserable experience. Now am just careful before venturing into anything. Thank you. 

    1. Hello Clement,

      I think some scams can be even more convincing than they were in the past. But through peoples experiences and researching, also seeing the certain signs that it is a scam, then less and less people will fall for them, but you still have to be so careful. 

      Thank you


  3. Some very interesting ideas for making money from home.  I have also search long and hard on how to do this.  I did get taken by one company, even after being very careful.  I signed up for a training and paid my money upfront.  I had to download a bunch of items and sign up for other things, and still no training provided.  Then they set up a phone interview before I could begin trying to get me into a more expensive program.  I never did see any of the training.  Now I write blogs and went through Wealthy Affiliate.  This is the safest program I found.  

    I do like the product testing opportunity.  Might end up with some great products, and who knows, maybe I would be really lucky and they would send me something that would match my website.  Thanks for the great idea.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a great and safe place to be. Its really frustrating with getting caught in a scam even when being very careful, but you can tell others of your own experience, to stop them from this scam. Its good that you didn’t go into the more expensive program. 

      Yes you might get some fantastic items to product test.

      Thank you for stopping by and saying about your experience with being taken by a company. 



  4. What people still don’t understand is the fact that it takes almost equal amount of effort that is inserted into offline businesses to succeed online. You’ve got to work your ass off, you have to work very hard and people need to have it in mind that if it looks too good to be true, definitely it is not true. You should have this at the back of your mind. Pay attention to reviews based on your personal research, the chance that you will be scammed over the internet is very slim. Thank you for providing list of platforms where people can work online. Personally, I will check out each of these platform and write a short review about them in my local language. Do you mind if I reference this article?

    1. That is so true, that an offline business needs to be looked at that a lot of hard work needs to be put in and the same for online. 

      Yes that’s fine you can reference this article. 

      Thank you for your comment

      Best Wishes


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