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Utility Warehouse Distributor – What’s it all about?



Utility Warehouse

The FTSE 250 company owned by Telecom Plus was founded in 2002 and is based in London, it has over 600,000 customers. They provide services like gas, electricity and mobile phone contracts to name a few, these are supplied from other companies through to Utility Warehouse customers. What is different is that they like to bundle services together to make it fair to new and old customers in terms of pricing.Utility services

Many awards have been won, including the utilities brand of the year for 2018. They also offer a cashback scheme and life insurance.

It differs from others where they do no advertising whatsoever, instead it works on customers telling other people about the company and through the over 40,000 distributors.

This is operated as a Multi Level Marketing Scheme, the more people a distributor can get signed up, the more that can be earned. Rewards for hitting targets are given out, like being given a Utility Warehouse branded Mini Cooper and to be able to drive one of their fleet of Porsche Boxters. Holidays are also part of the rewards and cash bonuses to, also with an option to buy company shares. Celebrities are used for online promotional videos, one of them being Joanna Lumley.

From a customer point of view they are rated as great on the review site Trustpilot UK. There are just shy of 6,900 reviews as of February 2019, giving the firm four out of five stars. They do offer good service, but have been in trouble in the past with the Advertising Standards Authority. 2018, they were told to take down a very misleading website advert claiming to have the UK’s cheapest mobile service, when it did not. It has also been reported that customers have gone elsewhere and saved a lot of money on their utility services. Hire your freelancer today


What is my opinion on this opportunity

When I signed up I had emails and a telephone conservation with a mentor that also is a distributor, giving me lots of information. The only cost to be paid is £100 and this is reduced from a higher figure, because if you sign up to the mobile, you are then a customer, making the cost lower. The £100 is actually refunded if you reach the referall target within 19 days. There was one conference/training session to attend, they have these in various cities across the UK. Cut a long story short I booked up online but I was having second thoughts at whether this whole opportunity was going to work out for me.

You see you can sign up family and friends, but I didn’t want to annoy and pester them into signing up and I was also unsure if I was able to sign up people from going around places like schools as well.

I didn’t want to upset and anger people, I made the decision to cancel the training session and inform my mentor and company that I was not going ahead. The other point is there could be a lot of travelling around involved to get new sign ups, also once you have been to places around where you live, to keep getting sign ups, you are going to be travelling further afield, is it worth it? Now thankfully all though I thought I had lost the £100 joining up fee, that was refunded back to me.

The pros and cons


  • Well established company

  • Fantastic rewards for distributors who hit targets


  • Has been in trouble with the ASA
  • Concerning complaints from customers and former distributors
  • I found the information to be a bit overwhelming
  • Could be doing a lot of travelling about

Make your dream a reality




Should you become a distributor?

I would like to say this is not a scam, but the earning potential can vary depending on how much work is put in. Also, whether this is for you and how easy would it be to sign up people up to the services. It is in my opinion that if your friends and family won’t want to sign up through you, then it could be a loosing battle to get other people to sign up.

Of course it works, but how hard is it to earn money and are customers really getting the cheapest deals on the market. There are quite a few reviews on the internet about being a distributor for Utility Warehouse, where there videos on YouTube. There have been many negative reviews, also from customers, it is a mixed bag with positive too. Don’t get me wrong there are others doing well and making a large yearly income, but is this a small number. It does depend on in a way if you have a large contact list, as well as really being able to persuade others to join up. A lot of people quite rightly are skeptical of people trying to sell them something, maybe in the street/place or on the doorstep.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you have had experience with Utility Warehouse as a distributor and a customer.


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10 thoughts on “Utility Warehouse Distributor – What’s it all about?”

  1. This is a lovely article and I must commend you for putting up this insightful article together. So many useful tips all on one page; I actually bookmarked to look further. I have heard about Utility Warehouse distributor before now, but I have never tasted its benefits this much. The sign up fee is not too expensive and I also believe the advantages is much more than its disadvantages. I must say your review is 100 percent justified, that the platform is not a scam.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Every company is not perfect and there are probably improvements to be made to this scheme by Utility Warehouse, but like any business, you get out what you put into it. It’s not going to be for everyone. 

      Best Wishes


  2. I think this is a big opportunity for me, but the only challenge I’m likely to face is the £100 but that won’t be an issue because the fact it that it really worth the money and I can see this is something I’m fit for. I will keep you posted and I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Thats great, like I said when it wasn’t for me, they did refund me my £100 back. If you really succeed at this, then yes it is worth it. I look forward to hearing how you get on. It is my pleasure. 

  3. I have had similar experiences like your own with MLMs. In the past I have joined two different MLMs – I won’t name them but they have lovely products and that was the reason I joined. Then when it came to the crunch to actually promote those products for the purposes of selling them and signing people up, I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to pester my family and friends. And many MLMs will not let you build a website to help you promote the products online, it’s all about the face to face, word of mouth, and shock horror the in-home party – gasp! Could there be anything more awful than inviting people you supposedly like over to your house to sell them stuff? I know lots of people love doing it and are really good at it, but you do need to have a particular kind of personality to make it work, in my opinion.

    I reckon all the best to those people who rock the MLM, but I am not one of them!

    1. It is got to be something that you are going to enjoy. It is a shame with many MLMs that you can’t build a website. 

  4. With an average rating of 4 out of 5, I think I’d like to dig more into the company’s history and operations. Their products are everyday use products so getting signups should be a no-brainer in my opinion. The only downside I see in their operations is using deceptive marketing tactics to recruit customers. Personally, I wouldn’t want to involve family and friends into any MLM scheme, as doing so has strained lots of relationships in the past. My question is: “does Utility Warehouse allow distributors to do their own advertising online, using whatever medium they so desire? That could be a way around getting signups without pitching to friends and family.

    1. It is a high rating, but on the article that I quoted at the bottom of the page which is a newspaper article on Utility Warehouse. A lot of people do not talk favourably about their MLM scheme and some being previous customers have managed to get a cheaper service by going somewhere else. 

      The deceptive marketing is a concern and involving friends and family is risky, because of what you have said.

      You can signup at local events for example and you can advertise on Internet forums, I am not sure what other ways you are able to advertise online.

  5. I think the best people for this type of business are those who honestly love talking to people all the time. Those are the people who like going to new places to talk to new people. If they are a natural, people will trust and buy from them and they will earn good money. I’ve seen variations of this, and I’ve even looked into a couple, but this is definitely not something I would do well at.

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