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Utility Warehouse Distributor – What’s it all about?



Utility Warehouse

The FTSE 250 company owned by Telecom Plus was founded in 2002 and is based in London, it has over 600,000 customers. They provide services like gas, electricity and mobile phone contracts to name a few, these are supplied from other companies through to Utility Warehouse customers. What is different is that they like to bundle services together to make it fair to new and old customers in terms of pricing.Utility services

Many awards have been won, including the utilities brand of the year for 2018. They also offer a cashback scheme and life insurance.

It differs from others where they do no advertising whatsoever, instead it works on customers telling other people about the company and through the over 40,000 distributors.

This is operated as a Multi Level Marketing Scheme, the more people a distributor can get signed up, the more that can be earned. Rewards for hitting targets are given out, like being given a Utility Warehouse branded Mini Cooper and to be able to drive one of their fleet of Porsche Boxters. Holidays are also part of the rewards and cash bonuses to, also with an option to buy company shares. Celebrities are used for online promotional videos, one of them being Joanna Lumley.

From a customer point of view they are rated as great on the review site Trustpilot UK. There are just shy of 6,900 reviews as of February 2019, giving the firm four out of five stars. They do offer good service, but have been in trouble in the past with the Advertising Standards Authority. 2018, they were told to take down a very misleading website advert claiming to have the UK’s cheapest mobile service, when it did not. It has also been reported that customers have gone elsewhere and saved a lot of money on their utility services. Hire your freelancer today


What is my opinion on this opportunity

When I signed up I had emails and a telephone conservation with a mentor that also is a distributor, giving me lots of information. The only cost to be paid is £100 and this is reduced from a higher figure, because if you sign up to the mobile, you are then a customer, making the cost lower. The £100 is actually refunded if you reach the referall target within 19 days. There was one conference/training session to attend, they have these in various cities across the UK. Cut a long story short I booked up online but I was having second thoughts at whether this whole opportunity was going to work out for me.

You see you can sign up family and friends, but I didn’t want to annoy and pester them into signing up and I was also unsure if I was able to sign up people from going around places like schools as well.

I didn’t want to upset and anger people, I made the decision to cancel the training session and inform my mentor and company that I was not going ahead. The other point is there could be a lot of travelling around involved to get new sign ups, also once you have been to places around where you live, to keep getting sign ups, you are going to be travelling further afield, is it worth it? Now thankfully all though I thought I had lost the £100 joining up fee, that was refunded back to me.

The pros and cons


  • Well established company

  • Fantastic rewards for distributors who hit targets


  • Has been in trouble with the ASA
  • Concerning complaints from customers and former distributors
  • I found the information to be a bit overwhelming
  • Could be doing a lot of travelling about

Make your dream a reality




Should you become a distributor?

I would like to say this is not a scam, but the earning potential can vary depending on how much work is put in. Also, whether this is for you and how easy would it be to sign up people up to the services. It is in my opinion that if your friends and family won’t want to sign up through you, then it could be a loosing battle to get other people to sign up.

Of course it works, but how hard is it to earn money and are customers really getting the cheapest deals on the market. There are quite a few reviews on the internet about being a distributor for Utility Warehouse, where there videos on YouTube. There have been many negative reviews, also from customers, it is a mixed bag with positive too. Don’t get me wrong there are others doing well and making a large yearly income, but is this a small number. It does depend on in a way if you have a large contact list, as well as really being able to persuade others to join up. A lot of people quite rightly are skeptical of people trying to sell them something, maybe in the street/place or on the doorstep.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you have had experience with Utility Warehouse as a distributor and a customer.


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Increase website traffic tips (Beat the Competition)

Increase web traffic

Wouldn’t it be great if you had loads of traffic coming to your website. The internet might seem like a big scary place to new affiliate marketers starting a website, but there are so many people online now. It’s not to say its really easy in getting website traffic, but there are certain things that you can do to increase that traffic. With these tips, you could be increasing yours over time and starting to build more of an income. Whatever niche you are in, there is the advantage of attracting lots of visitors to your website.

12 Increase website traffic tips

Guest Blogging is one of those main boosters for traffic, because of the links that are included and it can significantly improve internet ranking. Only if it is done the correct way, if someone is doing a guest blog for you, then the grammar needs to be correct as well as the right information and the same would be if you were to do guest blogging on other websites. It has a major benefit of having many advantages for both the website owner and the guest blogger.

Create videos on YouTube and add them to your articles, as it is such a massive platform.

Increase the amount of content that is published, gaining more engagement on social media for example.

Include high quality content in blog posts, adding interesting infographics and images, being creative and outside the box. We love to see imagery and it sticks more in the mind than just loads of text.

Use Quora to answer questions in your niche and sometimes include when necessary your website links. This site has a lot of people asking questions each month, it is a big opportunity to attract a lot of traffic.

Do keyword research using a tool like Jaaxy. It is really important to plan out and see the stats of how many searches it gets each month.


Make your titles stand out and be as descriptive as you can. Why not try using free blog title generators on Google. Not all will make sense and you may need to pick words out to get them to come up on Jaaxy, to see what the stats on those keywords are.

Look at your site speed, if it is too slow people will just move onto another site that can perform fast enough to be able to do what they wish to do. See how big images are and if they are too big, compress them to be smaller in megabytes. This will go a big way with increasing speed and maybe choose a new theme that can handle your content. Check that updates have been completed with plugins, like on WordPress. There is a risk that it is easier for your website to be hacked into without the most up to date plugins.

How the article is worded, make it engaging and interesting. The page layout, where there is enough space and not everything crammed together like sardines.

Analyse website statistics and produce content that is going to target certain people more.

Paid ads on Google, Bing and social media ads could help a little. But don’t spend loads of money on them, because its better to get traffic more organically and it doesn’t always work how you wanted with paid ads. Spend a little money and do it very occasionally, if you promote the right way, it could attract many visitors to your website.

Share your articles to relevant topics on forums within your niche.

These are my three instant tips

Instant website traffic tips

Keep trying new ways at increasing website traffic and by using the tips on this page, it will help. Also, always look at competing websites, where you have an idea of what their content is like, to then make sure that you will at some point be in front of them on Google and other search engines Yahoo and Bing.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.


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How to find a Niche? – Creating your niche website

Niche boardBefore you begin your first website, you are probably thinking what on earth should I blog about, there are so many subjects to choose from. Is it better to go for a topic that you don’t know about and can learn or on a passion. I always do it on my own interests, it’s easier to keep producing content without feeling bored and overwhelmed. It can get seriously hard when you just haven’t got the enthusiasm to keep typing up new blog posts.

We obviously all want to go for the niches that are the most profitable, but also look in terms of giving value to your readers, helping them out. Balance the profitable one while also still on your interest.

When it’s a niche, it is blogging on a more specific topic but not where you are cutting yourself right down. Blogging for example on Lego would be too specific, but on childrens toys would allow you to cover on a wider area. In a very competitive niche, you need to be adding loads of content to compete against all the others.

On this page there are links, if you click through onto them and sign up, I will earn a commission. You will not be charged anything for clicking onto these links, thank you.

Examples of niches

  • Earning money online
  • Pets (Dogs & Cats etc…)
  • Hobbies like knitting
  • Children (toys & Parenting)
  • DIY
  • Technology
  • Clothing
  • Foods

Creating your blog website

Once you have picked a niche, then it’s time to start building the website and adding content. There is a site called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you about affiliate marketing and being able to build websites with the WordPress platform integrated. Choose a theme that suits your topic and just follow the training continuing on with your site. You will be sorting out menus and images with how each blog posts comes up. Start to type up your first article after the about me page. Research in advance what you are going to do.


I use a pretty nifty tool called Jaaxy and this is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you, are a paid member you get more of Jaaxy try nowthe benefits, but the free version gives a good taster. It gives you different stats on the keywords that you want to use for your article, helping to get high ranking in Google and gain traffic.

In the example below, I type in top 10 science fiction books. It is the first one with the tick next to the text. Avg stands for how many on average does the keyword get in searches each month. Traffic is how many visits can be achieved if it ranks on the first page of Google. QSR is how many other websites are competing for the exact keyword. KQI is the key quality indicator, telling you how good the keyword is red = poor, yellow = OK and Green = Great. Finally, SEO is based on the traffic and competition, the higher the number, makes it more likely to rank for this keyword.

Jaaxy science fiction books


Be careful of keywords where the numbers for Avg and traffic are too high like over 500, because it will be much, much harder to compete with other websites in ranking for that certain keyword. We are looking at achieving the low ranking keywords. If you, are doing product reviews, then creating a post on the top rated products will probably gain more visitors than if it is on a specific product. But only do reviews on products that you have actually used yourself, because it’s better to talk about something that you have had hands on experience with. It comes across better and people will trust that you know what you’re talking about.

How to earn money?


Google Adsense is the most popular choice to display adverts. You get paid more for clicks and a little for how many impressions (views) each advert gets. It really works well when you obviously start to get a big number of visitors reading your content.

Mediavine is another website where you can have adverts, but they will only accept a website that has a lot of visitors. This is something to sign up to when you are more established gaining a good number of visits each month.

Be an Amazon Affiliate where there are masses of products sold. They can’t be entirely ignored because of the amount of people worldwide that use the site everyday. Each product that gets a sale from your reviews for example, you will receive commissions.

Sign up to Affiliate networks like Rakuten Marketing, where you can then sign up to companies related to your niche. Another network is Awin, they make it an easy experience to get links and banners onto your website, by copying and pasting the codes. Each company will have listed a description on what their commission rate is and the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget the affiliate programs that can be directly on mostly smaller company websites. They may have higher commission rates than the big guns, but the bigger companies may have a wider appeal and customer base.

Don’t stop

Once you find yourself at 50 blog posts in your niche say within 6 months, don’t give up there, keep adding all the time. If it’s on a topic where there isn’t anymore that can be talked about, then don’t give up entirely on the website, work on getting engagement on the articles that you have already written and sharing on new websites like forums. Look through the articles and see if there is any new information that could be added to see if Google may rank it even better.

Fantastic potential

There are billions of people on the internet that any niche will have enough of an audience to be able to gain an income over time and keep getting people coming back to your site time and time again. But it is like you will always keep hearing from everywhere, creating consistent but quality content is the key.

I can’t say when you could be earning, it depends on different factors from the amount of time spent on your website and how many places you are sharing content and overall the site around as well.

Don’t get me wrong it can be hard when you are not seeing anything out of what you are working on, but it will happen trust me. It is the little things that get me excited without earning anything, like getting positive comments on my articles and new followers on social medias, it could be people with a lot of followers themselves that suddenly follow you, that is the power of social media, like Twitter, when used in the right and effective way.

Whatever niche you pick, don’t try to be somebody else when doing your articles. Also, by adding your own opinions and life experience, it makes you stand out from others and people will listen to you. Write from your heart and show your own personality.

Finally there is a fantastic article by Bethenny Carl, that a visitor to this page found, so thank you for finding this. It’s all about being a Freelancer. You may find this very useful on website planet.

Thank you for reading my article and please feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply back as soon as possible.



Earning online

Become a Youtuber

Become a YoutuberEver watched a video from maybe your favourite youtuber and ever thought I wonder if I could make a living like they do from YouTube. It’s the second most popular search engine after Google and is owned by them. Tonnes of people use it to watch videos and by uploading on a weekly basis, you could end up earning a good income.

If your videos get enough views getting into the thousands YouTube will invite you to start showing adverts on your videos which earn money.

What is hard about being a YouTuber

Content may be easy to some and harder to think of for others, you will not be alone. Time needs to be spent on thinking of what you are going to film each week. Really think at what people may want to see and know about. Nasty comments may show up, but don’t let them upset you. There will be updates that could affect advertising and how you get views, but don’t worry you will always get notified in advance.

The most challenging part is that YouTube not too long ago made it that you have to had at least 10,000 views to be able to go into the advertising program. It works out that you get paid $1 per 1000 views and 100,000 is $100. It will take a lot of effort and you are not going to be rolling in it so quickly.

Don’t do this

Do not pay for views and subscribers, it is always best to get them organically. YouTube are hot on this kind of activity and too much of it will get noticed. Also, where exactly do they come from, when you purchase them of these websites and will you get consistent traffic from the subscribers that you paid for. You can build up your channel by being found.

Good points

If you keep trying, you could build a really good recurring income in the future. It builds your confidence, if not used to being in front of a camera. Maybe an enjoyable experience and not tied to scheduled 9 to 5 hours when you start earning a full time income and finish your working day job. It can be a fantastic learning experience, being able to film and edit your videos.

WA build online business now

Creating your videos

There is their own editor, where you can edit sections of your videos and add soundtracks. If you have an apple computer, than there is imovie maker which is quite easy to use. It’s not completely necessary to get expensive editing software but when you get more established it could be more of a consideration to purchase.

Now in terms of how long should each video be, that is entirely up to you. But definitely make it more than a minute, there will be people who like shorter videos depending on what is on and how engaging the content is. I have found that videos that are longer do get more engagement in the right circumstances and by adding a good description with plenty of tagged words.

Before you create each video, do a search on your topic and see what kind of views they have had. It is the terms that the most people are searching for that they want answered are going to probably get many views. A catchy title that is descriptive than just putting how to play guitar, a better title would be How To Play An Acoustic Guitar For Absolute Beginners!

How to get results?

  1. It’s called SEO, search engine optimisation which targets more people when searching for the terms in your blog or YouTube video. Type up a short description with a catchy title and add keywords, your videos will pop up on search results and begin to get traffic.
  2. Keep uploading videos regularly will build traffic and subscribers to your channel.
  3. Use social media to let followers know of new videos.
  4. Be Patient as you probably won’t be earning any money at the start and it will take time.
  5. Make your videos of high quality as much as you can. It doesn’t mean you need to buy loads of expensive equipment straight away because you can still do good quality videos with cheaper items. In the future if you start earning or you have saved up enough, than gradually buy a better camera for example. Speak clearly in videos and don’t act like a robot, let your personality shine through.
  6. Your YouTube channel page needs to look attractive with a nice image at the top and a good logo.

To finish, keep at it and never give in, because “you can, if you think you can”. We are now into 2019 and I am sure that YouTube will get loads more of new users, there is a massive opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a YouTuber. It will not be easy with plenty of bumps along the way.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. I will reply back as soon as possible.


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Write an ebook

Using laptopEver thought of writing your own book, well what about an ebook. It is easier and cheaper to do than bringing out a printed book. In the age of the modern era, people like to read on the internet and from different electronic devices like e readers and tablets. As you can imagine it is a massive marketplace and it’s something that you could have much success with. But you need to feel in the mood to type up thousands of words and come up with a story, it is much easier to do it on a passion. The good thing about doing ebooks is they do not cost a fortune to do, there are no printing costs for a start.

Where do I even begin?

Think of a storyline and write it down or type it up in a microsoft word document, on this you can create a book setup. Are you going to write a book that is fictional or nonfictional. It could be an adventure story or an informational book on looking after certain pets for example. What about the title, really think at what is going to stand out and be memorable. It doesn’t have to be long winded, but linking up to what the book is about.

If it helps of what to write about, do a brainstorm diagram of ideas, that may help. Take breaks in between writing and don’t forget to update a page on any sources like websites that were used for research, if you are producing an informational book. Include the copyright page on the second page, here is a web page to help you out.

Front cover and imagery

You can try to create the front cover yourself or pay a small amount for someone to create one for you on Fiverr. If you are going to use images if it’s a fiction book, then use your own captured photos or go to a paid stock photo website to make sure you are covered from copyright, it will give you for example maybe 100 to 200 images in a year for a price like £99 a year, but there are other options available.

Don’t forget grammar

You have to make sure to proofread the whole ebook, once you have finished. Again you can pay to have this done on Fiverr or go through carefully yourself, making sure there are the correct punctuation marks and all the spelling is up to scratch. There is nothing worse than spelling errors, because the reader will lose interest and it doesn’t do you any favours as you start out. Use the feature on microsoft word to check or use the website Grammarly and this is free or to go onto paid to be able to access every feature.

Price and selling

Amazon is a huge marketplace for ebooks especially with the Amazon kindle and e readers that so many people have. I recommend signing up to thier direct publishing, when you are ready you can upload your finished ebook. They make it an easy process. Whilst selling on Amazon, you may have your own website, definitely place it for sale on there to.

The process is that you will write a short description about the ebook and upload the front cover to be saved in PDF format. Pricing, you can start anywhere from 99p, but it is best to make it as low as possible, because unless it’s best-selling already and a very long book, then an expensive price will detract people from buying.

Also the Apple app store is another big marketplace and it would be a good idea to also sell on there to.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting is absolutely key to getting your ebook out there, otherwise who is going to know it’s about. Use the normal avenues of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, build up your followers. Using forums is a good way at building up followers and even doing a video on your ebook on YouTube. Try to get reviews from websites that will then advertise your book on their site.


It is possible to earn from an ebook, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Promotion will be what sets you apart and it’s something that you need to work on all the time. Take your time and check through your work as you go along.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.


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10 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing word map

For many people who are starting out in affiliate marketing, it may seem like a mine field. But it is achievable and there is room for everybody, because the amount of us around the world online right now. I wanted to give you 10 tips, from what I’ve picked up over the past months.


Affiliate Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page, if you click on them, it will take you to the website and if you decide to sign up, I would make a commission. Please note you are under no obligation to purchase anything. 

1. Useful content

Visitors to your website are obviously looking for that certain information, but to get them to revisit time and time again, you need to be adding content that is of great value to them. Something that they did not find maybe on another website or where there is more engagement with images, charts and other links. Are the adverts and product links useful, fitting with what you are talking about.

2. Be yourself

Don’t try to write like you are a sales person or a professional, it may come across as boring and as is if you are trying to sell them something all the time. It is much more interesting to speak from your heart and its being honest to. Visitors will relate to what you are saying and just like when they watch their favourite youtuber, they will like your personality. The great thing about having your own blogging website, is that you can portray your own character across to people, which adds that personal and creative touch.

3. Good content layout

Now don’t you just hate reading whole areas of text bunched together without any images or just a bit of space on the page. Always think carefully about your article layout, small paragraphs and bold/larger text for headlines. It is important to use more than one heading to separate the different sections that is explaining what you are talking about. You will find with bad content layout, that it will lose the interest of people very quickly. Really think where the best places are to put ads and affiliate links, to get the results you want.

4. Creating plenty of content

Remember you need to try as much as possible to be publishing at least one to two articles a week on your website and if plenty of contentyou can even three. This is how you are going to get noticed and build up trust on Google and it helps to build that important engagement. Say you build up loads of followers on social media sites and you don’t publish for a long time or regularly enough, you could be at risk of loosing those followers.

5. Use Quora

This was mentioned on a website that I am signed up on, using the site Quora. This is where people can go on there and answer a question on any topic and others will answer. The idea is to as well as answer the question, is place a link to one of your website articles that is completely related to the question being asked. Don’t do this on every question that you answer, because it will be classed as spamming and you will be kicked off, only just occasionally. This could be a good trick to boosting website visitors.

Build online business with WA

6. Read the terms and conditions

Always read through the terms and conditions, when you sign up to an affiliate program. Use any product images for articles from the links provided on your account and not from the website pages directly. These will make sure that you will be paid the commission, instead being booted off. Even if you use the wording of Amazon anywhere as a link, this can be breaking the rules if you are part of the affiliate program. There is an Amazon buy button that you can copy and paste as a link.

7. Do not spend mega bucks

Spending money on promoting a product you have reviewed for example is not necessarily going to give you what you were looking for. You could end up loosing money by advertising all the time, its better to use free methods of promotion.

8. The truth and nothing but the truth

Don’t use false claims about products or services, make sure that what you have found with researching is correct, so on the top retail sites for example with products. There will be people who will spot that the claims are not correct, could be at risk of being terminated from the affiliate program.

9. Watch your affiliate links

I have learnt this from an early stage, when I started out. Be careful placing too many affiliate links in an article for example, where you have typed 500 words. Also, definitely don’t include loads of affiliate links if most of your articles are at 500 words or just over. Google could class your website as spam and that will greatly affect your rankings and probably your ability to get indexed (found by Google). This also goes for advertising. So either place one affiliate link or one advert to be on the safe side. You want to be seen as adding value to your site and gaining trust with visitors. Articles that are 700 to 1000 words you can add more adverts and links.

10. Help others

Its great helping others who are in your field, whether it could be leaving them a comment on their article or helping them with a problem. It doesn’t always have to be about can I gain financially by helping that person out. It helps to build trust and you never know, they could do you a good deed.

To finalise

It will take time to make that first bit of money in affiliate marketing and there will be tough as well as good times. But remember it can be done, work hard and keep believing in your dreams. It can be a very rewarding way of earning money online and also isn’t it great when you can help so many people too.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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Work from home (no scams) Don’t be the next victim

Happy man on the laptopThere are legitimate ways of working from home to earn an online income, you just got to know where to look and be careful what you sign up for. Thousands of people around the world get scammed on a daily basis online, just trying to find that solution. The internet has been around for decades now and there are more and more scams coming up every day. I don’t want you being fooled by a scam and loosing a lot of money. It really does give other innocent websites and the internet in general a bad name in making money online.

Included on this page is a link and if you sign up, I will get paid, thank you.

How to not be the next victim

  • Does it tell you that you have to spend loads of money to sign up for that magical service, that is saying you will earn masses of money in a matter of weeks. Well stop right there and don’t click the button. Anything that is saying this is a scam, you have to put hard work in and spend time in achieving an online income.
  • Research the website on the internet, there are sure to be many reviews on it being a big scam.
  • When others have signed up to scams, they are bombarded with tons of emails and there are loads of upsells that keep popping up on the website.
  • Testimonials from so called happy people, whether they are videos or write ups. The videos will actually be of professionals where their gigs were purchased of Fiverr, to talk in a video. Saying “I earned so much money in only a few days”.

Want to find a legit way of learning, to eventually make an income online, Well Click Here!!!


Legit Work From Home Jobs

Remember to declare any extra income on an annual tax return to HMRC for anybody reading in the UK and for other countries that have a similar situation. Some of these jobs below may require you to go self employed as a freelancer because of the type of work that is involved.

  1. Blogger – I really recommend doing blogging, you can create a website on any passion of yours. You just have to like writing, as content needs to be added on a weekly basis. You can earn from people clicking on links and buying the product/service, advertising and even offering website services to other people.
  2. Transcriber – This is not going to be for everyone, but they do pay well. Can you correctly type at least 65 words per minute, then being a typist could be right up your street. It involves listening or reading wording and typing down in a certain period of time. Some sites will pay better than others and you could make a decent little income over time. Join up on this website called Take Note and see if you pass the tests.
  3. Internet Analyst – There will be tasks to complete like choosing the correct grammatical sentences and checking google search results for example. Appen is an Australian company that you can sign up to and complete different tasks. They have recently added PayPal as a payment option or you can get paid via another platform called Payoneer but there is a minimum payout threshold of $50 dollars which can be a pit of a pain.
  4. Tutoring – Be an online tutor in your favoured subject, it could be Maths, ICT, foreign languages and many others. Work part-time and have pride in teaching many students via web cams. There are no hard tests to do and you don’t need a university degree to apply. Superprof is the place to sign up for free. You could end up earning up to £3000 per month, stated on their website.
  5. Product tester – Once you sign up, see if you get selected to test a product. The great thing is you get to keep the item and give your opinion on it. You may not get a lot items to test out or you may get a lot, it varies. Some people have had expensive digital items to test and keep. Toluna is a website where you can do product tests and you can complete paid surveys.
  6. Buy and sell – Work entirely for yourself and earn a full time income buying from wholesalers or auctions and selling on for profit on websites. It is a very competitive marketplace and items being sold from countries like China can undercut you, so that is something to keep in mind. That is why this is low down on my list, but many people have been successful in this field. Do your research to what items are really going to sell, you want to start of small and then go along as a process, keeping track of all expenses.
  7. Telephone/online chat advisor – There are companies out there looking to employ people to work from home to provide customer service by chatting on the phone or online. It could be a monotonous job and again not for everyone. There are other jobs where you sell products or a service to. Do a search on the internet and go with a reputable company.
  8. Be a representative – Drop of catalogues from companies like Avon which sell beauty products through peoples letterboxes and collect to see for any orders. Then drop off their orders once they are delivered to you. Its something where you could get to know the local community more and build fantastic relationships with your customers. There are many people that have earned well through this. Usually with these type of opportunities, you will get trained up by someone who also works as an Avon rep but trains up others. This is another progression with these companies.

Anything you sign up for, always read the terms and conditions. I know some can be quite long winded, but its best to check through, so you don’t come across any nasty surprises down the road.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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About Eden

About Eden

Eden Kaye

Hello and welcome to my website. You may have come here in your quest to try to earn an income online. There are millions of people in the world wanting to achieve this. It could be people tired of the 9 to 5 job, pensioners looking to boost their income, disabled that cannot get out of the house, students and mothers for example.

I really do believe that it is possible to earn online, but you need to spend the time and be patient to succeed, just like any everyday business. There are many scams out there, so you have to be careful on the internet.


I have always wanted to earn an income online and have tried different ways in achieving this, be that free and paid, but unfortunately its not worked out as I’d hoped. When I was at college I started online paid surveys and it was about the third year of completing them that I really put in the time to earn more from this.

On my third year, I managed to earn £3,800 and in total £4,700. Many hours per day were spent on them and it got very monotonous and quite frankly it was not good value for time. I was actually signed up to around 100 surveys sites and only under half were the better earners, there were quite a lot, where there were no earnings.

Others tried were stocks and shares, ended up loosing out. Investing in Bitcoin, unfortunately again missed out after the boom. Even paying to create my own mobile app, but didn’t make any money from it.

Youtube videos, but you have to get millions of views to get anywhere with earning from adverts. A couple of years ago I found a website where you earn from signing up people to mobile phone contracts, but you need to know a lot of people as this was how it worked and that is even if they sign up for the service, you might not have many friends left, trying to be an over pushy salesmen. Stock photography websites is something that has been tried, but you need amazing photos to earn anything.

So as you can see I have tried out a few things online. There are some other ways which do work and I have not fully tried them out. Fiverr can be a great way to earn as well as on freelance websites, but I found that you are up against a lot of competition.

The latest is website user testing which is good, as its £5 per completed test, but only signed up to one site as I don’t want to spend hours like I did with the surveys every day. The number one recommendation is what I am on now, you can see more about this soon on my website.


I feel that anybody wanting to, can earn an income online. There is great satisfaction for me in helping. It may be a time where money is tight and earning online can be a great way to go. It may feel frustrating when you think you have found something, but it just turns out to be a waste of time. I want my site to be one of the sites to assist, you are not alone. I’ve had the fortune to find a great platform that helps and I wish to show you.


The knowledge that I have picked up and the platforms that I know of, hopefully will be of use to you. Maybe finding about things where you could earn on the internet, that you didn’t know of before. To help make your dream a reality over time with my number 1 platform of earning online.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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Earning from investments

Should I invest in Bitcoins?

Bitcoin digital chipShould I invest in Bitcoins? that is a good question that I want to cover in this article.

You may remember back in late 2017, when Bitcoin went up to high levels and then shot back down again. Cryptocurrency has been around for many years, but its only the past year or so that more and more people are finding about it. It is said to be an alternative to putting your money into banks, digital currency so to speak. But whether it will ever be a common place currency or not, I could not say.

Many banks and the current Bank of England Governor Mark Carney advises people to not invest into Bitcoin, simply because of how up and down it can be, even more volatile than stocks and shares. Now when I invested in 2017, it was just too late, I had made a £50 profit and all of a sudden it had dropped when it was said that the other currency Ethureum was a better and secure alternative. I had lost money, which was disappointing and it hit home just how really risky investing in bitcoin is. If you had invested in 2013, you would be very well off, if you had sold in late 2017 in the biggest boom ever, in its short history. It has not reached those high levels since then, although in the future you never know what may happen.

Fair enough if you want to invest a little money, having your eggs in more than one basket is a good idea. It could be a possibility that bitcoin may rise again, but don’t put money in that you cannot afford to lose. Keep researching and make a considered decision, if you want to invest. I am actually still signed up to coinbase, one of the popular sites where you can invest in digital currencies. This year they have now enabled deposits and withdrawals for UK bank accounts which is good.

So what exactly is bitcoin?

Technology called Blockchain is used, where everything can be seen by the public, which are the transactions. Computers communicate with each other to create the digital bitcoins. They can be paid for using real money and sold to pay for products/services that accept them. There is a process called mining, which creates the bitcoins, this can take various amounts of time, depending on the performance of your computer.

Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, but you have to be careful because these can be deleted or they can be stolen. Once they are deleted or you can’t remember the password to the wallet, then they are gone forever. The great thing is that unlike the stock market in the UK, bitcoin and crypto markets are open all the time 24/7.

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History of Bitcoins

Bitcoin was first used in early 2009 and invented by a man called Satoshi Nakamoto. He wanted to bring out a digital currency that could one day replace our modern day coins and note currency. Where it would be more secure and couldn’t be forged. It wouldn’t require personal details to be handed over to banks. He saw bitcoin as a future currency fitting in with the digital age. But it has had mixed results from the very first transaction in January 2009.

In 2010, the cryptocurrency actually had a value associated with it. The famous first sale was completed, exchanging an incredible 10,000 bitcoins for two yummy pizzas. I bet he wishes he hadn’t of sold them, because at last years prices they would have been worth over a whopping $100 million.

2011 saw others trying to jump on the bandwagon and create other digital currencies like Namecoin and Litecoin, these are meant to be improved versions of Bitcoin. There are currently over a thousand others now in the competition.

2013 saw a big increase to $1000 per bitcoin, but it soon came right back down to earth to $300. Investors lost large amounts of money.

At the beginning of 2014, saw a large theft of Bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange called Mt.Gox. An incredible 850,000 coins were gone just like that and sadly have never been recovered. Because there were only a certain number of bitcoins in the whole world, this amount accounted for 10 per cent. There is still an investigation on the matter and at the time the coins were worth $450 million and last year would have been billions of dollars more in the boom. There is no doubt that Bitcoins became a big target for scams, because it was designed with no control in place.

2016 was almost Ethureums year, as it almost overtook Bitcoin. There are actually websites where you could invest in them. But Ethereum was eventually banned in China.

2017 saw a fantastic record-breaking year for Bitcoin, as it was beginning to be accepted more in the modern day world, with companies accepting them as payment for products/services. This obviously gave a massive rocket in value for cryptocurruncies in general from $11 billion to a massive $300 billion. Banks like Barclays and HSBC were very interested in working with Bitcoin.

Later on last year saw big drops in value of Bitcoin and it spooked many people investing in them. There are concerns over countries banning them because of them being not so secure and maybe other cryptos like Ethereum being better. It did recover and into 2018 it hasn’t got anywhere near the heights of 2017, currently at over 4000 dollars per bitcoin. The highest was December last year at $13,320 per bitcoin, so there has been large decreases this year but considering people thought bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general wouldn’t take off, it still is high.

To conclude

Its talked about as a bubble, but who knows where bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are going in the future, way up or down. But take the time and research to decide with caution in mind, when looking to invest, it may have had its time. Maybe investing a little money is the sensible thing to do, because of the risk. It would be great if Bitcoin did go way up, but I would be wary investing large amounts even then.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.



2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – What is it like?

 Wealthy Affiliate 2018 review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle & Carson

Launched: 2005

Website URL:

Price:  Starter (free) Premium membership (first month is $19) (then $49 mth or $359/year)  


Support:  5.0 out of 5.0

Training:  5.0 out of 5.0

Ease of use:  4.8 out of 5.0

Website builder:  4.9 out of 5.0

Keyword Research tool:  5.0 out of 5.0

Overall:      4.9 out of 5


There are affiliate links on this page, I earn a commission if you choose to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. 

Today I am going to talk to you about Wealthy Affiliate. A platform that has been around for thirteen years now. It helps you to build your own blogging website and provides in depth training into affilate marketing, where you can earn through referring people to websites or get a commision from each product that you review and gets a sale through Amazon for example, also earning with online advertising. On WA it also combines a social media side, where you can get help from other members and connect up with so many interesting people.

Did you know that there are 3.75 billion people online and its growing year on year, that is a massive market to work with. 

For your website you want to pick a niche, this might seem daunting, but it can just be any topic of interest, it is easier in my opinion to do a niche that you have a passion in. Blogging needs to be done weekly or as much as you can on your website, so it needs to be on something that interests you, it can be anything from technology to pets, the choice is yours.

What I have come across on WA, is the saying “content is king”. This is very true, the key is to keep adding content, because over time your website will gain authority and trust with Google. It is the top pages of the search engine that you are wanting to aim for, once your articles get in the top 3 pages, then there will be a lot more website traffic and this is where you are in a stronger position to earning more. It won’t happen overnight, it’s going to take time. The more you add in a short time makes reaching that goal become a reality sooner.

WA memberships

So above are the membership options, if you choose to sign up, I am not pressurising you to sign up to premium. It’s great that you can sign up free, but the premium offers a lot for what you pay.

A detailed look at what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate

These are all offered permantely to premium members


50 lessons of written and video content by Kyle. Live training videos are every week, usually lasting for an hour or two, topics like how to get your web posts found by google more quickly for example.

If you would like to promote Wealthy Affiliate and go down the making money niche, then there is the affialite bootcamp and there are 70 lessons on how to go about this.

==> To Get Started with the Up To Date and In Depth Training,

Click Here!


Live chat is available permanently 24/7 on premium, as well as a main dashboard where you can publish blog posts. You can ask questions and there is private messaging to other members, even to Kyle and Carson. The Sitecomments platform has recently been updated, where you can recieve comments on any website post of yours you wish and then earn a credit for each comment you provide to a persons post. Once you have given 50 comments out in a 30 day period, you earn 50 cents in cash for every two comments over 50, so thats pretty cool.

Website feedback

Website feedback is so important because people can give their honest opinions on what you need to improve on your website, as well as pointing out any good points. There is a thread where you can follow other members social media profiles to build up your followings, you follow them and they follow back.

Website builder

Site content platform allows you to produce your posts on WA with a spell checker and to add your own images. To build your website you use WordPress.

Keyword Research

You can use Jaaxy Pro which is of no extra cost with premium or the basic version that comes with being a free member, this will just give a snippet. Type in any keyword for an upcoming website article and itJaaxy keyword research tool will come up with statistics for how many searches it gets on the internet per month.

The key is to use what they call as a low hanging fruit word, something that doesn’t have too much competition. Competing against thousands of websites and really top ones in that field for certain keywords would be a challenging task, because of how big they are.

Help Centre

A help centre that can find answers to your question or you can contact Site Support and they will get back quite quickly. They have helped many people out.

Pros and Cons 🙂


  • Join up for free with 10 lessons
  • An amazing website builder
  • Extensive training
  • A social community available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Good value for money on Premium
  • Site support ready to assist you
  • Being able to use Jaaxy for keyword research


  • From the start it can be a bit overwhelming for newbies

The Wealthy Affiliate refferal program

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a very rewarding referall program. If you achieve 300 referalls to WA in a calender year, you have a free trip to Las Vegas to meet other members in January of that year and the founders at a private conference. Between the 1st september and 31st December you only have to make 100 referalls to WA. It would be a fantastic and out of this world experience, it really is possible to achieve the required referalls to go to Las Vegas.

Referrals WA

Sucess posts

We all like to know if people are making a success, does it all really work. So I wanted to show success stories from WA to prove that this isn’t a scam.

Jerry October update

Zarina progress

Here are some reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on a thread on the website by members. Including my comment, that is under Ekaye1.


I can say from my opinion that I have never found anything as good as Wealthy Affiliate. Remember for it to work, you have to put the time in and be patient, with a physical store you would have to put a lot more money in. There is no time scale to say when you will first make money, it varies depending on your circumstances. It could be 6 or 12 months, there have been others saying 18 months. Put realistic goals in place, this is no get rich quick scheme. I know there are many sites out there that are not legit.

If you sign up to a free account on WA, I will be your mentor and ready to answer any questions you may have. I want to assist and help you in anyway I can.


Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.