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Increase website traffic tips (Beat the Competition)

Increase web traffic

Wouldn’t it be great if you had loads of traffic coming to your website. The internet might seem like a big scary place to new affiliate marketers starting a website, but there are so many people online now. It’s not to say its really easy in getting website traffic, but there are certain things that you can do to increase that traffic. With these tips, you could be increasing yours over time and starting to build more of an income. Whatever niche you are in, there is the advantage of attracting lots of visitors to your website.

12 Increase website traffic tips

Guest Blogging is one of those main boosters for traffic, because of the links that are included and it can significantly improve internet ranking. Only if it is done the correct way, if someone is doing a guest blog for you, then the grammar needs to be correct as well as the right information and the same would be if you were to do guest blogging on other websites. It has a major benefit of having many advantages for both the website owner and the guest blogger.

Create videos on YouTube and add them to your articles, as it is such a massive platform.

Increase the amount of content that is published, gaining more engagement on social media for example.

Include high quality content in blog posts, adding interesting infographics and images, being creative and outside the box. We love to see imagery and it sticks more in the mind than just loads of text.

Use Quora to answer questions in your niche and sometimes include when necessary your website links. This site has a lot of people asking questions each month, it is a big opportunity to attract a lot of traffic.

Do keyword research using a tool like Jaaxy. It is really important to plan out and see the stats of how many searches it gets each month.


Make your titles stand out and be as descriptive as you can. Why not try using free blog title generators on Google. Not all will make sense and you may need to pick words out to get them to come up on Jaaxy, to see what the stats on those keywords are.

Look at your site speed, if it is too slow people will just move onto another site that can perform fast enough to be able to do what they wish to do. See how big images are and if they are too big, compress them to be smaller in megabytes. This will go a big way with increasing speed and maybe choose a new theme that can handle your content. Check that updates have been completed with plugins, like on WordPress. There is a risk that it is easier for your website to be hacked into without the most up to date plugins.

How the article is worded, make it engaging and interesting. The page layout, where there is enough space and not everything crammed together like sardines.

Analyse website statistics and produce content that is going to target certain people more.

Paid ads on Google, Bing and social media ads could help a little. But don’t spend loads of money on them, because its better to get traffic more organically and it doesn’t always work how you wanted with paid ads. Spend a little money and do it very occasionally, if you promote the right way, it could attract many visitors to your website.

Share your articles to relevant topics on forums within your niche.

These are my three instant tips

Instant website traffic tips

Keep trying new ways at increasing website traffic and by using the tips on this page, it will help. Also, always look at competing websites, where you have an idea of what their content is like, to then make sure that you will at some point be in front of them on Google and other search engines Yahoo and Bing.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.


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18 thoughts on “Increase website traffic tips (Beat the Competition)”

  1. Hi There, thanks for a nice article. In my honest opinion, getting traffic is the biggest issue for young bloggers and site owners. This is a huge knowledge pill which everyone should read. Especially people who are at the start of their journey. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about traffic and how to get it 🙂

    1. Hello Igor,

      I hope this article helps many people who are starting out. It can be frustrating when not getting traffic, but with consistent hard work it will come. 

      Thank you


  2. Thank you for the nice tips on how to get traffic and attract more visitors to a website, first and foremost I am having a hard time creating a niche, can you please provide me with the less competitive niche around and do you have any idea on how to create paid ads ?

    1. Hello Clement,

      Picking a niche is not always easy, but also pick something that interests you, so that you can keep uploading content each week. Here is my link in helping with How to find a Niche? – Creating your niche website

      With paid ads, lets talk about facebook for example. When you have created the page for your niche, then you can click on Create at the top next to home and click on Ad on the list and click on create new campaign and go through the options. Here is a link to help for creating ads on Twitter 

      All the best to you and please feel free to come back to me on here with any questions and I will do my best to answer them. 

      Thank you 


  3. Getting traffic has been a struggle for me and I have been researching different ways to get traffic and I am so glad i found this post.  This is some awesome information for me to apply.

    I never even thought of guest blogging as an option, but this seems like a solid way to go and I’ll give it a try.  

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Barry,

      I am pleased this article has helped you out and yes guest blogging could be that one thing that will really get some good traffic to your website. 

      Thank you

      Best Wishes


  4. Great website so far! I think a few Wealthy Affiliate links can be added on your website. Those tips look very helpful! I will tend to use some of those for my website. You could show some screenshots of some of the sources you have suggested at the bottom of the page. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello Alissa,

      I will add a couple more Wealthy Affiliate links to the website. Thank you for your kind words.

      Best Wishes


  5. Regarding paid ads, there are often coupons available for Bing Ads. Those ads run on Bing, mSN and Yahoo search.  And they are far cheaper than Google.  Using long tail keywords will keep the bids pretty low, too.  Also, look into how to properly link internally.  Everyone frets over external links, but a good internal linking strategy goes well with sufficient and quality content.

    1. Yes bing ads are another good way for advertising, especially for the price. Thank you for that advice which I agree with, I have now amended about long tail keywords on my infographic. That is very true about internal links. 

      Thank you 


  6. Great tips! 

    I completely agree with the focus on quality (of comments, articles, guest blogs, infographics, videos, etc.). If you focus on quality work, you will always remain unaffected by Google’s algo changes. 

    The “online income” field is very crowded but by following your list of solid tips (especially the three in the infographic) you can differentiate your business from the rest.

    Thanks again for the tips – much appreciated.

    1. That is a good point about Google’s algo changes. It is good to add your own personal touch as you say. 

      Thank you 🙂

      Best Wishes 


  7. There are many ways to drive traffic into your website as an affiliate marketer. The tips enumerated by this writer are great and helpful, especially for starters. 

    I am venturing into affiliate marketing and I strongly believe these tips can be of great help for me when I get started fully. I am only trying to master some aspects, before I get started. 

    1. I think it is a good idea to master some aspects to affiliate marketing before starting out. Thank you for stopping by and all the best for when you start out and as you continue on. 


  8. Great tips on how to increase website traffic. 

    Writing high quality contents and increasing my publishing frequency are on top of my goals this year in addition to doing keyword research and including at least 2-3 in each posts. I just have a question, do I really have to include those keywords in the article itself or can I use them as tags?

    Guest blogging is something I have not considered and that’s because I have no idea how this is done. I have heard people talking about it but I couldn’t figure out exactly how and what kind of arrangements are to be made. In regards to Quora, I often land on it when doing research for my upcoming posts but have not joined any discussion yet. 

    1. Thank you Alice,

      Writing high quality posts is the key. It is good to include the keywords in the article, but only once or twice and within let’s say the first two paragraphs and then in the tags. 

      Quora is a great site and will really help with gaining website traffic. Just got to answer questions with good quality answers and they will get viewed many times. 

      Best Wishes


  9. Hi Eden kaye,

    This is a great idea with step by step information about increasing website traffic. I think it is good for people and this information will help. I realise that it should be increasing day by day. I hope most people like this information and they will benefit from your site. I’m going to share this information to all my friends. Thank you for sharing.

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