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How to find a Niche? – Creating your niche website

Niche boardBefore you begin your first website, you are probably thinking what on earth should I blog about, there are so many subjects to choose from. Is it better to go for a topic that you don’t know about and can learn or on a passion. I always do it on my own interests, it’s easier to keep producing content without feeling bored and overwhelmed. It can get seriously hard when you just haven’t got the enthusiasm to keep typing up new blog posts.

We obviously all want to go for the niches that are the most profitable, but also look in terms of giving value to your readers, helping them out. Balance the profitable one while also still on your interest.

When it’s a niche, it is blogging on a more specific topic but not where you are cutting yourself right down. Blogging for example on Lego would be too specific, but on childrens toys would allow you to cover on a wider area. In a very competitive niche, you need to be adding loads of content to compete against all the others.

On this page there are links, if you click through onto them and sign up, I will earn a commission. You will not be charged anything for clicking onto these links, thank you.

Examples of niches

  • Earning money online
  • Pets (Dogs & Cats etc…)
  • Hobbies like knitting
  • Children (toys & Parenting)
  • DIY
  • Technology
  • Clothing
  • Foods

Creating your blog website

Once you have picked a niche, then it’s time to start building the website and adding content. There is a site called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you about affiliate marketing and being able to build websites with the WordPress platform integrated. Choose a theme that suits your topic and just follow the training continuing on with your site. You will be sorting out menus and images with how each blog posts comes up. Start to type up your first article after the about me page. Research in advance what you are going to do.


I use a pretty nifty tool called Jaaxy and this is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you, are a paid member you get more of Jaaxy try nowthe benefits, but the free version gives a good taster. It gives you different stats on the keywords that you want to use for your article, helping to get high ranking in Google and gain traffic.

In the example below, I type in top 10 science fiction books. It is the first one with the tick next to the text. Avg stands for how many on average does the keyword get in searches each month. Traffic is how many visits can be achieved if it ranks on the first page of Google. QSR is how many other websites are competing for the exact keyword. KQI is the key quality indicator, telling you how good the keyword is red = poor, yellow = OK and Green = Great. Finally, SEO is based on the traffic and competition, the higher the number, makes it more likely to rank for this keyword.

Jaaxy science fiction books


Be careful of keywords where the numbers for Avg and traffic are too high like over 500, because it will be much, much harder to compete with other websites in ranking for that certain keyword. We are looking at achieving the low ranking keywords. If you, are doing product reviews, then creating a post on the top rated products will probably gain more visitors than if it is on a specific product. But only do reviews on products that you have actually used yourself, because it’s better to talk about something that you have had hands on experience with. It comes across better and people will trust that you know what you’re talking about.

How to earn money?


Google Adsense is the most popular choice to display adverts. You get paid more for clicks and a little for how many impressions (views) each advert gets. It really works well when you obviously start to get a big number of visitors reading your content.

Mediavine is another website where you can have adverts, but they will only accept a website that has a lot of visitors. This is something to sign up to when you are more established gaining a good number of visits each month.

Be an Amazon Affiliate where there are masses of products sold. They can’t be entirely ignored because of the amount of people worldwide that use the site everyday. Each product that gets a sale from your reviews for example, you will receive commissions.

Sign up to Affiliate networks like Rakuten Marketing, where you can then sign up to companies related to your niche. Another network is Awin, they make it an easy experience to get links and banners onto your website, by copying and pasting the codes. Each company will have listed a description on what their commission rate is and the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget the affiliate programs that can be directly on mostly smaller company websites. They may have higher commission rates than the big guns, but the bigger companies may have a wider appeal and customer base.

Don’t stop

Once you find yourself at 50 blog posts in your niche say within 6 months, don’t give up there, keep adding all the time. If it’s on a topic where there isn’t anymore that can be talked about, then don’t give up entirely on the website, work on getting engagement on the articles that you have already written and sharing on new websites like forums. Look through the articles and see if there is any new information that could be added to see if Google may rank it even better.

Fantastic potential

There are billions of people on the internet that any niche will have enough of an audience to be able to gain an income over time and keep getting people coming back to your site time and time again. But it is like you will always keep hearing from everywhere, creating consistent but quality content is the key.

I can’t say when you could be earning, it depends on different factors from the amount of time spent on your website and how many places you are sharing content and overall the site around as well.

Don’t get me wrong it can be hard when you are not seeing anything out of what you are working on, but it will happen trust me. It is the little things that get me excited without earning anything, like getting positive comments on my articles and new followers on social medias, it could be people with a lot of followers themselves that suddenly follow you, that is the power of social media, like Twitter, when used in the right and effective way.

Whatever niche you pick, don’t try to be somebody else when doing your articles. Also, by adding your own opinions and life experience, it makes you stand out from others and people will listen to you. Write from your heart and show your own personality.

Finally there is a fantastic article by Bethenny Carl, that a visitor to this page found, so thank you for finding this. It’s all about being a Freelancer. You may find this very useful on website planet.

Thank you for reading my article and please feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply back as soon as possible.



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8 thoughts on “How to find a Niche? – Creating your niche website”

  1. Such a great and informative article on starting a blog/niche website. As someone who is new to this, what is the best way you recommend to come up with keywords. I see you mention Jaaxy as a way to check keywords, but is there anything that helps you generate keywords to put into Jaaxy?

    1. Thank you Cheyenne, 

      I sometimes will check other websites in my niche, to see what articles they have done to get more of an idea on the next article to write. There are free blog title generators on google, they give you a whole list, some of them might not make sense, but you can refresh to get new titles. Then you check them on Jaaxy, they may not show up on there, but you could still use a words from that title and make up a new one, so it shows up on Jaaxy. Here is the link to one of them Seopresser blog title generator

      Also I think about the searches I have done on Google in that niche before and use them as keywords.

      Best Wishes


  2. Great article!  People sometimes struggle to find the right niche, when the answer is usually staring them in the face. I myself struggled in the beginning and the main reason for this, is I was trying too hard to think outside of the box.

    Eventually I settled for something that I had good knowledge of – the electric bike industry. I have only been using the WA platform for just under two months, but have already managed to get a lot of organic traffic to my blog. Having the training, the tools (like Jaaxy) and all the other resources at WA have proven to be been invaluable.

    Here’s to a great 2019!


    1. Hello Tony,

      I am pleased you are doing well with your niche in the electric bike industry. 

      Jaaxy and the other resources at Wealthy Affiliate are so helpful, where would we be without them. 

      Wishing you a successful 2019.


  3. A niche is a position of opportunity or an area of specialization where a person drives his or her energy through for maximum result. 

    From what you say at the end of your article  “Whatever niche you pick, don’t try to be somebody else when doing your articles. Also, by adding your own opinions and life experience, it makes you stand out from others and people will listen to you. Write from your heart and show your own personality”

    My question is this: can two people operate the same niche and still be successful in it? 

    1. Thank you, yes that also is a good way to explain about a niche. 

      My answer to your question is yes two people can operate in the same niche and still both be successful, because whatever the niche is, it will always have a big enough audience. There is an opportunity for both to attract those people to their niche. Also it depends on how successful they are in terms of how much work is put into it and how much sharing is being done on social media and other websites to gain traffic. 

      Fair enough some niches may take more work until you are successful, depending on the competition. As the saying goes content is king. Also giving value to the readers with the amount of information available. I think that when two people are operating in the same niche, it’s important for both to put their own spin with content after researching.

      Many thanks


  4. Hey i really enojyed this article, it was very interesting.  I have been thinking of a new niche idea and i finally made a second website and hoping this does better then my first one.  I just gotta come out with a lot of content before i sign up to be an affiliate at all.

    1. Thank you Justin,

      I wish you much success with your second website. 

      I know with Amazon USA there is the 90 day limit of achieving 3 sales but this does not apply to Amazon UK. A lot of the others I have signed up to don’t have limits and I managed to sign up with near 20 articles, but yes content is the key like you say.

      Best Wishes


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