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My 10 top ways of earning online

1). Create a blogging website (affiliate marketing)

Can you keep churning out loads of written content, fancy building your own website. Well this is the way to go. Using my number 1 recommended platform, you will soon be starting your own website and learning all about affiliate marketing. Yes it takes time to earn your very first pound or dollar, but it’s worth the wait, as you can quit that 9 to 5 job and earn an everlasting income. Choose a niche – a topic your interested in, it can be anything. It needs to be narrowed down so you can compete in a less competitive topic. Blogging is becoming more popular.

2). Freelancing websites

You can sell your services on a site like Fiverr, like proofreading. The reason this is number 2 because I have not had success with these, but other people have fared well.

Another website called freelancer, where you submit your application for different tasks and you get paid whatever amount the company or individual has quoted.

3). Youtube

Bear in mind that you do need to pick up quite a number of views from your videos to start earning money from adverts. If you do think outside the box and come across well in your videos, then you can do well. Youtube as you know, is the number one place to go on the internet to play music and watch different videos and of course owned by the giant Google. To film your videos you only need a cheap digital camera or even a webcam to start with and then if you have apple laptop or Imac, you can use the fantastic imove editor.

Anyone can do youtube videos, but sometimes youtube can be restrictive and change the rules for earning money. The topic of choice is endless, you might want to them on pets or cars. The top youtubers earn thousands of pounds a year, you might have seen one of them on Strictly come dancing a couple of years ago. When you become successful on youtube, you can branch out into different things like selling merchandise and being sponsored by companies to try out products if you were to do product testing. The tip is to keep uploading content every week and never give up on your dream, it won’t be easy, but nothing really is.

4). Website Testing

I feel that if you sign up to a few of these websites, the income could add up nicely. It’s where the company will pay you to test out a website giving opinions on the look of the site and completing tasks for example adding a product and filling in details at the checkout, your webcam records your screen and voice and most tests are 5 to 10 minutes long. The one website I am signed up to currently is whatuserssayanddo, you get paid £5 per test that is completed. I average around one to three tests a month.

5). Stock photos

Sell any photos you capture to stock photography websites. There are many about on the internet like Shutterstock, be mindful that not all pay great rates for each photo that sells. You do need to upload a lot of photos and decent ones at that to have any chance of getting sales. Also Also, remember that photos that include anybody else’s property like a building or car needs a model release form signed, otherwise you can only sell them under editorial, where magazines and newspapers have the permission to use these.

6). Paid surveys

They are very popular and an easy way to earn online. Giving your opinion on new products or even some that haven’t came out yet. You make a difference and shape what is out there. Surveys can be anything from politics to eating out. You can spend whatever time you like on surveys, but sign up for the best ones that are better value of your time. The earning potential can be anything from £100 to £300 per month, depending on how many sites you are signed up to and how much time you spend on them.

7). GPT sites

These are websites that pay you to complete many different tasks, other than just surveys. To earn points you can watch videos, complete paid offers, surveys and even play games. Some sites can be slower at earning at others and in general you can’t earn as quick as the ones above on this list. One of the best gpt sites is Swagbucks, with it’s fresh looking website and being quite innovative, you do earn quite quickly and they always pay out with many options, including Paypal. Millions of pounds have been earned already by members worldwide. GPT is great to use to relieve boredom while earning a little extra each month and they are easy to do.

8). Publish an ebook

This is not for everyone, but if you really create a book that people like, then you can do very well indeed. If you love writing, then this is something you could have a go at. Going digital is big today and so many millions of people read books are e readers, that became popular years ago, with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle. Producing an ebook is a lot cheaper than spending an awful amount of money trying to bring out a physical book into the book stores. If this is what you want to do, just don’t give up, it may take time to earn money. Amazon is great to go through to start your ebook, they do make it an easy process.

9). Buying and selling

Now this is not for everyone and is not the easiest way in earning money. You can buy off ebay or stock websites to then sell on again for a profit. The margins can be tight because of postage costs and does depend on which websites you sell through. The problem with Ebay is that fees can add up, that is where Facebook is better. But people want even more of a bargain, I find on Facebook and it’s known for people collecting bigger items from the owner’s property. Ebay and other sites like Gumtree make it easier and secure to buy and sell.

There is the option to buy from cheap chinese wholesalers, buy in bulk and sell on. But of course you are competing with other chinese sellers and others that are doing just the same. Be cautious with this option of buying and selling on the internet, it’s a lot more tough in a crowded marketplace where margins are tight. Amazon do a programme where you buy the stock but they keep it and post it on to the customers. This is the best option, but again competitive with other buyers doing the same thing, your prices need to be lower than theirs.

10). Trading in CFDs

This comes last at number 10 and for a reason, because it’s risky. Although through perseverance and keeping ones nerve the rewards can be great. It comes down to almost placing a bet on whether a company or commodity will go up or down in value and if it turns out from what you predicted, you get a profit. In this case it’s very different to just investing in the stock market, as you are buying shares in that particular company. But if your bet has gone into a loss, wait longer to see if it goes up again.

Earning online

Sell your art online – show your creativity

Linoprint by Eden KayeDo you see yourself as a budding artist? well selling your artwork online can create a fantastic income.

There are so many forms of art to sculpting, photography, drawing etc. People will pay good money to buy pieces of art. It is a big market and like anything it takes a lot of work, but the rewards are worth all the time and effort. The hardest part is standing out from the rest, there are a lot of people out there now selling their art online. Always use your best artwork and share as much as possible. If the art is not that different to others, make sure it is of the highest quality. It’s like a painting looking almost exactly like the photo.

Sell from your own website

You have full control when you are selling art from your own website, but it is more work than if you are selling on marketplaces like posting the art to customers yourself. It’s not hard at all to set up a website, there are sites like Wealthy Affiliate, this site was created through it, that can help with you and uses the wordpress platform. There is a free option to sign up to, which offers great features and gives training in marketing your website. It’s great to be able to add more of a personal touch with a website. You can set up to have donations from site visitors/fans of your work.

Where else can you sell?

  • First of all list the art on Etsy, because that attracts a worldwide audience. Put on your best work and write an interesting description, how you made it and why you enjoy doing that type of art for example.
  • It’s not all about online, you can showcase work at galleries and art and craft fairs whilst promoting your website, you can gain many contacts in the art world and get more followers on your social media pages.
  • It’s really important to create social media pages on facebook, twitter and instagram of all your art work. Every art piece you can share on them and build up a following. Share to friends and family, they will hopefully share to other people to. It doesn’t actually cost too much to create advertising campaigns promoting your work on Facebook, there certainly can be quite a lot of engagement on this social media platform. Work hard on social media and it will really work well for you.
  • Online art marketplaces like Redbubble. They will do all the work for you in terms of sending your artwork to the customers, doing prints and you can even sell memorabilia that they source. Of course with all marketplaces there are fees for example when you sell.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

Earning online

Freebie sites

Freebie Sites!You can actually aquire free products, if you know where to look for them. The easiest way is to sign up to websites that will direct you to all the freebies they can find and send you emails at where to get them from and how to go about it.

That could be through entering competitions, signing up for free samples of products, paying the postage for the free item, but don’t worry you are not getting ripped and lastly through product testing sites.

The most recent product I got for free was a 1kg gold bar necklace, just paying £8 postage for a free necklace worth nearly £100. Ottega London were giving away 500 products of the new necklace for publicity. By the way this promotion has now finished, but this is just an example of what items you can aquire for free, bar the postage cost.

You can genuinely get everyday household products, saving lots of money through the year if you are consistent. Products like packs of free baby wipes, soap, bath products, etc. If you are lucky enough to get chosen for products that you sign up with through product testing sites, after completing the review, they let you keep the item. These can be more expensive items like Dyson hoovers and big screen Tv’s.

Why do companies give away free items?

What are they going to get out of giving away free products you may ask? Well quite simply it is a way of advertising and promoting new products. It can as you imagine attract a lot of interest and spread the word around. It may get them more sales after the promotional period. We all love getting free items, have a look at several of the sites below.

What sites are there?

My top two and they are ones that I am signed up to are:

Magic Freebies and Wow FreeStuff

Other sites you can sign up to include:

Top three product testing websites that I have picked out are:

Remember with product testing, it can be like entering competitions, because you may not be chosen that often for products as there are a lot of members signed and only so many products to go around. Beware of not signing up to scam product testing websites. Here is a link to a website (MoneySavingExpert) that has all legit sites that come recommended.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply back as soon as possible. Have you had experiences of getting freebies, please tell us about it.  

Earning online

Earn online with Appen!

Work from home AppenAppen

So who are Appen and what can they offer you?

A lot of us like to be helped out in this day and age by technology, this is where Appen use data collected from it’s remote workers, for programs to perform better. Devices still need to learn from humans, how to respond to our requests. Devices like Alexa are also helped by this, working by the user speaking commands to it and then it will do that task, like searching the internet or calling a person for you. Appen are a big player in making the internet and technology better for all of us. Who better to work for and really make a difference.

The company started in the mid 90s and currently are around the world in 130 countries, with over a staggering 1 million work at home independent contractors (do not receive a regular income like an employee would). Just recently they took over a company called Leapforce, who are in the same industry. This of course increases what the workers can do and earn more income hopefully. The HQ is based in the very sunny climate of Sydney, Australia – Good Day 🙂

Are Appen a scam you might ask – no definitely not. There is the real address on the website and being an independent contractor for them myself, I have always been paid. But that being said there have been scams reported about people pretending to work for Appen and saying that all equipment will be provided. This would never be the case, you have to have the equipment already. If they are offering you thousands of pounds/dollars or asking for card details, then it is a scam.

2019 is shaping to be another great year for them. Getting the top spot for the number 1 work from home company for Number 1 spot Appenremote jobs. Who better to work for and they are someone you can trust, considering there are a lot of scam websites about now.

On the website Glassdoor, they have been marked overall 3.1 stars out of 5 from 675 reviews of what people felt they were like to work for, from their own experiences.

Just some jobs on offer

Internet analyst – Would this interest you? Providing your opinions on how internet search results, adverts and just general web page content looks.

Social Media Evaluator – Say what you think of how the content looks on social media, e.g. news feeds, adverts and search results. Usually it is a part-time role of up to 20 hours a week, but there is flexibility there.

Micro Tasks – Not able to spend hours on tasks, well Micro tasks are for you, usually not needing to spend any more than an hour on them.

Transcriber – Good with languages like French or Spanish? Transcribing could be the perfect job for you, to work from home.

Linguist – Checking audio data of a foreign language for any errors.

Click here now to start with Appen!

The requirements to work for Appen:

  • High speed broadband
  • Computer with microphone
  • Over the age of 18
  • Antivirus software with a firewall
  • Able to research the web to a good level with excellent analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • When applying for language jobs, fluent in languages
  • Have a smartphone for certain tasks and download the appen mobile app



If you start work with Appen and earning an income, do you need to sign up to be self-employed? Well if you end up earning a certain amount with them, enough to have to start being self-employed, then yes. But if it is the odd tasks that you are completing then no, only a tax return needs to be completed if the earnings are over £2500 and it will make you still below the £12,500 you can earn tax free from a job or you are over £12,500 in wage earnings and receiving any little income from Appen, as this will change the amount of tax you earn.

Now I know there may be people that think why bother, it’s not hardly any income to justify filling a tax return in the UK or they don’t think it’s fair, well do not take the risk, because the United Kingdom tax office or whoever they are in your country could come after you and you could be hit with hefty fines, as they say better to be safe than sorry.


Pros and cons of working for Appen


  • For certain tasks you do receive a decent pay
  • A reputable company to work for that has won awards

  • Easy tasks to complete


  • Could have bank transfers included in the payment options
  • Some tasks may take quite a bit of time to complete. Not paying a good enough amount to reflect the time spent.

They are a reliable company and I can testify to that. There are tests that can be completed to help qualify for more tasks, like an English spelling test.

I came across Appen whilst searching for work at home opportunities. I wanted to do something different to the online paid surveys that I’d done in the past, that was going to be a little better value for my time.

This website is good for anybody to work from home on, from stay at home mums to students. It is a nice little side income and you are helping to create better systems.

Appen are very good at letting you know all the information of any tasks that you are offered to do, how much the pay is and how long it will take. Always keep looking out for any vacancies for a weekly job on there or you may be invited to them.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you have worked or currently work for Appen.

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The make money online niche – should you choose it for your blogging website?

Making money online niche?When it comes to starting up your own blogging website, like this one of mine. You may start thinking what kind of niche/topic should I choose, making money online may come into mind. It is a popular topic to type into the search engine, so many people want to know what the secret is and maybe want to try to replace their 9 to 5 day job. But is it a crowded marketplace? the answer to that question is of course yes, but it is still achievable to get results.

There are also more ways than just earning through affiliate marketing, that is creating landing pages to achieve results, this is something that I want to look into doing.

If you don’t have a passion for the making money online niche, simply don’t go for it. It can be a hard nut to crack, you need to make your content appealing and you will be competing against some big players, but there is the big swarms of people that there is enough to go around. This niche maybe the first one you think of, but really consider if it is one that will suit you and to be able to produce enough content, to get the website noticed by Google and gain traffic. 

My opinion of whether to go into it or not is Yes, but it will be much harder than other niches because of the amount of competition around. Also, I decided to go into this niche after going into a different subject with my first website of pets. If you are questioning whether to go into a niche that is not on making money online, then go for it.

See what Wealthy Affiliate is all about

Reviewing websites

Many bloggers in this niche, to build up content and get their website recognised, will review websites where you can earn money on. These can be very popular because people want to know whether the site they have found is a scam or not, as we know there are a lot of scams that knock about currently on the internet. There may be ones that you have already been a member on and you can do a detailed review on them and then you can test other sites out to see what their like and let people know what it is like.

How to make a success of it?

It is always a case of keep adding that content, because visitors will keep coming back to your website if it is of good value Let's make a success of it!to them. Also, Google will take notice of this. Gain as much engagement as you can with people commenting on your articles, maybe get friends to have a look and ask them to put a comment, that will get you started. 

By joining Wealthy Affiliate you gain knowledge on building your own website and about affiliate marketing. But there is also a section amoungst others that you can request comments with 2 credits, that you earn by offering other people comments on their articles.

Keep looking for new ways to make content engaging, like creating different graphics, for example a bullet point list on how to build a website on the WordPress platform. 

Make your posts colourful but with a simple layout, that visitors will find appealing to read. Always use a hard hitting headline as if it’s a news title. Make use of social media to share and create landing pages that offer a digital product for example, but in return they give their email address for marketing emails to be sent to them and this usually gets more leads, without spamming of course.

Be patient and work hard on your website every day to keep moving forward!

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Are you in the making money online niche? If so, what is your opinion on this topic?

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Make a living online

Making a living onlineA lot of us these days dream of being able to make a living online, rather than doing a normal 9 to 5 job. Well I say why not? what is wrong with wanting to be your own boss and it is becoming more and more popular. We are in the age of Youtubers/vloggers and affiliate marketers as well as others all online.

You can sit at home or anywhere you like on the internet and the fantastic thing is that you can earn even when you are asleep, what is not to like. You are not dictated to when you take a break or to go on a holiday, usually there is 3 weeks off in a year and sometimes you miss doing things that you really wanted to. But a lot of work is involved in getting that online income and it may take many months or years, but it is doable.

The power of the internet is quite extraordinary and with a large number of the worlds population now online, this massive opportunity has to be explored. Now not everybody wants to replace their 9 to 5 job and work online, that is fine, you have to enjoy what you do and by no means is working online really easy, otherwise we would all be earning millions, although there are people out there who do and with hard work it is possible to get a fantastic income.

In my opinion the education system here in the UK and maybe in other countries, that being entrepreneurial should be encouraged, of course Maths, Science and English are important, but it should no longer be the case that the only thing you can do is to get a job. It is no longer the case that you can only be a retail worker, maybe an accountant or in an office based job, there is more especially in the modern time that we are in now. Innovation and being able to earn more than a fixed wage and not having to be accepted for a pay rise to live just above the bread line are just a couple of benefits to making a living online, but also applies to working for yourself offline to.

Family and friends may not believe in you trying to make a living online, they may think its nonsense. Believe me it isn’t, if you have that dream, keep believing in it and work whenever you can on what you decide to do, like creating a blogging website and earning commissions through people clicking on your product links and earning through advertising.

Pros and Cons of making a living onlineCons/pros


  • You can take a holiday whenever you want
  • Work from anywhere, whether that is at home or even abroad
  • Potential to earn more money than in a job
  • Depending on what you do, earn while your asleep
  • If it is for you, get more enjoyment than from a job
  • No worry of suddenly getting made redundant
  • An offline business would take a lot more capital to start up. With online, it will most probably be cheaper.


  • Can be longer hours at the start, but in time hopefully working fewer hours than a 9 to 5 job
  • Can be hard sometimes to keep focused when you are not working for anybody but yourself
  • There is no get rich quick scheme with whatever you do online, not going to be probably earning straight away.
  • Might not succeed the first, second or third time, but keep trying and you will get to where you want to be.


Click Here to learn how to build a blogging website and all about affiliate marketing!


Is making a living online for you?

Do you like spending a lot of time on the computer and internet?

Is it easy for you to be focused?

Are you patient enough to wait for success?

Prepared to have knockbacks?

If one thing doesn’t work out, are you willing to try something else legit online to earn money?

Can you think outside the box and keep researching?

If you think that making a living online is something that is appealing, that’s great. Really think what it is that you want to do. Read my article on things you can do to earn online

Here is my review on Wealthy Affiliate, it helps you to build a blogging website and what you need to know about affiliate marketing, also there is a social community there to help you.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Do you currently make a living online or maybe you have just started, would love to hear from you.

Earning online

15 Best Paid Survey Sites!

My best paid survey sites

There are affiliate links on this page, which means I get paid whenever you click on a link and sign up. 

This is a list of my top 15 best paid survey sites based on my own experiences of using them in the past. 

Paid surveys are for companies or even governments to see what people may think to their service/product. Newspapers also publish the results from surveys based on different topics like politics. The world of market research is such an important part and the easiest way in seeing what people think. Surveys are able to gather in just a matter of hours these days results. 

Dedicated survey takers can earn hundreds of pounds per year, but a tip is only sign up to the ones that are worth your while.


  • In the UK if you earn over £2500 in extra income, this must be declared in tax returns. It depends on how much is earned in your job to determine how much tax may be paid on the survey earnings. In the UK £12,500 can be earned without being taxed.
  • Do not lie in surveys, you could be kicked out and lose all of your rewards.
  • It takes time to start earning a decent income, sign up for more than five if you can.
  • There are quotas where surveys can get filled up, depending on how many people they need to take the survey. Screening questions are designed to see if you are suitable for completing the survey. Some will give a competition entry for not qualifying for a survey.
  • Always make sure that your profiles are complete, on topics like what are your interests, this is used by them to send you emails to surveys that you may qualify for. Doing this will increase your earning potential.
  • Never pay to join, it will always be free
  • Complain via email and social media if you haven’t received your payment for example.
  • Withdraw your cash/points as soon as possible, because if they close down, it all goes down with it. 

1). Toluna

This has been around for many years now and is one of the leading market researchers around the world. They are a french company and have daily polls on the site and I always had a lot of paid surveys to complete. I was probably earning around £30 a month, which is great. Many paid options like shopping vouchers to exchange for points or paypal.

2). Valued Opinions

Another high paying site, when I was signed up. A lot of good paying surveys and interesting to, on many topics. I just love the feel and using the website. Again you can withdraw through paypal once you reach the £10 mark, which after the first time is quite quick. Also, shopping vouchers like Amazon to choose from. They are currently not accepting new members, but keep checking back to see when they do.

3). Ipsos (I say pays)

I completed so many surveys on this site and earned a consistent income every month. The choice of reedamble rewards are great with amazon vouchers and paypal. The surveys are very fresh and modern looking, also easy to complete. They are one of the main players in the market research field and were founded in France.

4). Swagbucks

There are daily polls, watching videos, using its search engine and answering surveys that you can complete for points. It’s a fun website with plenty of activities to do. For me this was a top site in terms of how much was being earned monthly. The site looks modern and fresh looking with quick loading times. The choice of rewards for redeeming points makes it one of the best. For example 849 points for a £5 amazon voucher and 800 points for £5 Paypal. There are many other vouchers for shops like in the UK – John Lewis, Sainsburys and Argos. There is even a cashback section for when you shop and there are codes daily that you click on to get rewarded a certain amount of Swagbuck points.

5). Yougov

The threshold for withdrawing is £50, but the surveys are varied and you may find that you complete a lot of political surveys. There is a wonderful feature that shows you all the top news that members are talking about, they are very much into their statistics. They always pay on time, through a bank transfer if you like. Also, high paying surveys to help you reach that threshold in very good time. I was on here for a couple of years and really did well on Yougov.

6). Opinion Outpost

This was one of my high paying sites and I just loved completing the surveys. By reaching £2.50, you are able to then withdraw with Paypal or Amazon. There are prize entry draws like other survey sites and entries are gained from some surveys. When Opinion World a few years ago joined Opinion Outpost and it obviously greatly increased the surveys.

7). Newvistalive

I really enjoyed taking their surveys, because of the layout of them. Checks are paid out once £50 is reached. This may seem high, but it can be reached sooner than you think. Most surveys are £1 and don’t be surprised to earn over £100 in a year, depending on how many you qualify for and how many you get in on time. They take quality control very seriously and add questions in to check you are paying attention and these can be even placed into the end of a survey. Be careful, as you could lose the money from the survey after completing so much of it.

8). Onepoll

Nice and quick surveys, where there are a lot of 5, 10, 15 and 20p surveys which take a couple of minutes to do and then the longer ones that can pay 50p, £1 and over. One of my favourite sites when I was doing surveys. A £25 threshold and you can be paid through paypal or a bank transfer.

9). PopulusLive

They have high paying surveys, £1 for every 5 minutes. I think this is a good pay out system that is fair. A lot of surveys last 10 to 15 minutes and many are based on politics, but also on TV adverts as well as others. You get paid when the £50 threshold has been reached. For me I managed to qualify for a lot of surveys and fortunately was quick enough before the surveys got the quota of people they needed. It is said on their website that members since 2010 have earned over £6 million. They can be quite stringent on quality control, checking if people have rushed through answering questions or not answered in enough detail. The bad thing is that you can only get paid with a cheque, not got the choice of payment options that other survey sites have. Please note that only UK residents aged 16 and over can join.

10). Panelbase

A company that is based in the UK and the surveys range anywhere from 25p up to £10. Threshold pays out once £10 is reached and surveys are quite quick to answer. Payment through bank transfer or Love2Shop and Compliment vouchers. Product testing and focus groups are also included within the surveys.

11). Pinecone

Number 11 on the list sees the top secret site Pinecone. I say top secret, because you can only sign up if you are invited or you click on a website banner, where they are accepting new members and you get accepted. The great thing about this site, is you can withdraw at only £3 and basically you get paid £3 per survey. Paypal and Amazon vouchers are the options to get your payments.

12). Crowdology

The threshold for withdrawing is a low £4 and you can be paid via paypal, this will have 2% taken for fees or Amazon vouchers. Surveys can start from 40p up to £10, with them lasting 2 to 15 minutes.

13). Branded Surveys

When I used to complete surveys on this website, it was called Mintvine. Again there is a low withdrawal amount of £8 and payments can be made into a Paypal account or high street vouchers. It has been reported and I can voucher for this to, that it doesn’t that long to reach £8, as you also get rewarded with quick surveys that are available and daily polls, which are fun.

14). YourSayPays

Surveys are very quick, on average it takes 2 minutes and most at 50p. Get up to £20 and you can withdraw with Paypal and Amazon vouchers. Emails are not really sent out with new surveys, instead login every day and maybe at different times if you can, there is sure to be one or more to complete. Competitions are sometimes conducted with winners receiving an Amazon voucher.

15). Answerpoints

Points are received and 50 points are given out when you first register. It is 500 points for amazon vouchers and there is the option to donate to charity. There may not be loads of surveys on this one, but they are nice to do. Also, 50 points can be used to get prize draw entries.

Just one last thing to mention is that there is this very helpful website called SurveyPolice. It gives you the reviews and rating from other people of hundreds of survey sites and also all the ones that are available to sign up to in different countries. There are blogs on there, like what is done with the research from surveys.

Thank you for reading this article on my 15 best paid survey sites, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. 

Source: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/make-money-surveys/

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Become a website tester on Whatusersdo

Website testing

Please note there is an affiliate link on this page. By clicking on this, signing up and completing your first test, I will be paid for the referral.

Become a website tester and earn a little income every month, it won’t be a lot of money, but it is a good way of earning some money on the internet. I want to talk about the website Whatusersdo which has over 30,000 users worldwide. Since becoming part of a bigger company called Userzoom, it has opened up the opportunities for people to complete more website reviews. I will go through what it is like, from my own experience of being a user on this website.


Anybody worldwide can sign up and they pay through paypal on the 25th of each month. On average, you could earn up to £15 per month, maybe more, depending on how well you complete every test. The applying process does not take long, roughly 15 minutes filling in personal details and interests. There is a practice test included to pass before you can start, this is straightforward to do. Once successful there is an app to downloaded on the computer to record your voice and screen. Do not worry it only opens up when recording the tests, not to capture everything you do on your computer.

It is your chance to make a difference to the internet, by taking website tests for hundreds of companies like the clothing brand Asos and Virgin Atlantic, even reviewing for governments and TV channels. There are tasks to complete and can take 5 to 10 minutes mostly to complete although some can take longer. The pay is good and can be better value for time than paid surveys, paying £5 for each test. You recieve emails every time a test is available to be completed, some will have screening questions to see if you match the criteria.

They may want you to checkout with a product to see what you think of the online purchasing process without going through to purchasing of course and inputting fake details. Another scenario could be testing out a government website, navigating through menus to complete a task. The websites can be old or new, that you test out and there is the option to do tests on your mobile phone and tablet with downloading the recording application. Whilst going through they like you to do verbal answers and also speak through the experience of using the website.

What is required to be a tester on this website

  • Computer with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10/later Apple mac OSX 10.9 and later
  • A computer that has the following

– Processor with 2GHz Dual core/more

– 2GB of Ram or more

– Disk Space that has 5GB or over

– microphone built in or external (could use a headset)

  • An Internet Explorer 11 Browser or the most current Edge. You can also use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • You need high speed broadband
  • A Paypal account for payments


There is the bonus of earning through referring people to Whatusersdo. Each person that you refer, you will earn £2 every time, but only after they complete their first website test. This is paid also on the 25th of each month.

My Assessment

Depending on whether you meet different criteria, there usually is an abundance of tests available and you are sure to be hopefully earning from £5 up to £15 a month, maybe a little more. Be careful as they will randomly quality control check a test that you have completed, if it has been marked poorly by the client, you will not get any tests for 2 to 3 months. Make sure to answer the questions properly and in as much detail as you can. If it keeps happening, you could be kicked off permanently.

Overall they always pay you on time and the tests are mostly easy and interesting to do.

Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you are already a user on this website, I would like to see what you think.

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Increase website traffic tips (Beat the Competition)

Increase web traffic

Wouldn’t it be great if you had loads of traffic coming to your website. The internet might seem like a big scary place to new affiliate marketers starting a website, but there are so many people online now. It’s not to say its really easy in getting website traffic, but there are certain things that you can do to increase that traffic. With these tips, you could be increasing yours over time and starting to build more of an income. Whatever niche you are in, there is the advantage of attracting lots of visitors to your website.

12 Increase website traffic tips

Guest Blogging is one of those main boosters for traffic, because of the links that are included and it can significantly improve internet ranking. Only if it is done the correct way, if someone is doing a guest blog for you, then the grammar needs to be correct as well as the right information and the same would be if you were to do guest blogging on other websites. It has a major benefit of having many advantages for both the website owner and the guest blogger.

Create videos on YouTube and add them to your articles, as it is such a massive platform.

Increase the amount of content that is published, gaining more engagement on social media for example.

Include high quality content in blog posts, adding interesting infographics and images, being creative and outside the box. We love to see imagery and it sticks more in the mind than just loads of text.

Use Quora to answer questions in your niche and sometimes include when necessary your website links. This site has a lot of people asking questions each month, it is a big opportunity to attract a lot of traffic.

Do keyword research using a tool like Jaaxy. It is really important to plan out and see the stats of how many searches it gets each month.


Make your titles stand out and be as descriptive as you can. Why not try using free blog title generators on Google. Not all will make sense and you may need to pick words out to get them to come up on Jaaxy, to see what the stats on those keywords are.

Look at your site speed, if it is too slow people will just move onto another site that can perform fast enough to be able to do what they wish to do. See how big images are and if they are too big, compress them to be smaller in megabytes. This will go a big way with increasing speed and maybe choose a new theme that can handle your content. Check that updates have been completed with plugins, like on WordPress. There is a risk that it is easier for your website to be hacked into without the most up to date plugins.

How the article is worded, make it engaging and interesting. The page layout, where there is enough space and not everything crammed together like sardines.

Analyse website statistics and produce content that is going to target certain people more.

Paid ads on Google, Bing and social media ads could help a little. But don’t spend loads of money on them, because its better to get traffic more organically and it doesn’t always work how you wanted with paid ads. Spend a little money and do it very occasionally, if you promote the right way, it could attract many visitors to your website.

Share your articles to relevant topics on forums within your niche.

These are my three instant tips

Instant website traffic tips

Keep trying new ways at increasing website traffic and by using the tips on this page, it will help. Also, always look at competing websites, where you have an idea of what their content is like, to then make sure that you will at some point be in front of them on Google and other search engines Yahoo and Bing.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.






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How to find a Niche? – Creating your niche website

Niche boardBefore you begin your first website, you are probably thinking what on earth should I blog about, there are so many subjects to choose from. Is it better to go for a topic that you don’t know about and can learn or on a passion. I always do it on my own interests, it’s easier to keep producing content without feeling bored and overwhelmed. It can get seriously hard when you just haven’t got the enthusiasm to keep typing up new blog posts.

We obviously all want to go for the niches that are the most profitable, but also look in terms of giving value to your readers, helping them out. Balance the profitable one while also still on your interest.

When it’s a niche, it is blogging on a more specific topic but not where you are cutting yourself right down. Blogging for example on Lego would be too specific, but on childrens toys would allow you to cover on a wider area. In a very competitive niche, you need to be adding loads of content to compete against all the others.

On this page there are links, if you click through onto them and sign up, I will earn a commission. You will not be charged anything for clicking onto these links, thank you.

Examples of niches

  • Earning money online
  • Pets (Dogs & Cats etc…)
  • Hobbies like knitting
  • Children (toys & Parenting)
  • DIY
  • Technology
  • Clothing
  • Foods

Creating your blog website

Once you have picked a niche, then it’s time to start building the website and adding content. There is a site called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you about affiliate marketing and being able to build websites with the WordPress platform integrated. Choose a theme that suits your topic and just follow the training continuing on with your site. You will be sorting out menus and images with how each blog posts comes up. Start to type up your first article after the about me page. Research in advance what you are going to do.


I use a pretty nifty tool called Jaaxy and this is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you, are a paid member you get more of Jaaxy try nowthe benefits, but the free version gives a good taster. It gives you different stats on the keywords that you want to use for your article, helping to get high ranking in Google and gain traffic.

In the example below, I type in top 10 science fiction books. It is the first one with the tick next to the text. Avg stands for how many on average does the keyword get in searches each month. Traffic is how many visits can be achieved if it ranks on the first page of Google. QSR is how many other websites are competing for the exact keyword. KQI is the key quality indicator, telling you how good the keyword is red = poor, yellow = OK and Green = Great. Finally, SEO is based on the traffic and competition, the higher the number, makes it more likely to rank for this keyword.

Jaaxy science fiction books


Be careful of keywords where the numbers for Avg and traffic are too high like over 500, because it will be much, much harder to compete with other websites in ranking for that certain keyword. We are looking at achieving the low ranking keywords. If you, are doing product reviews, then creating a post on the top rated products will probably gain more visitors than if it is on a specific product. But only do reviews on products that you have actually used yourself, because it’s better to talk about something that you have had hands on experience with. It comes across better and people will trust that you know what you’re talking about.

How to earn money?


Google Adsense is the most popular choice to display adverts. You get paid more for clicks and a little for how many impressions (views) each advert gets. It really works well when you obviously start to get a big number of visitors reading your content.

Mediavine is another website where you can have adverts, but they will only accept a website that has a lot of visitors. This is something to sign up to when you are more established gaining a good number of visits each month.

Be an Amazon Affiliate where there are masses of products sold. They can’t be entirely ignored because of the amount of people worldwide that use the site everyday. Each product that gets a sale from your reviews for example, you will receive commissions.

Sign up to Affiliate networks like Rakuten Marketing, where you can then sign up to companies related to your niche. Another network is Awin, they make it an easy experience to get links and banners onto your website, by copying and pasting the codes. Each company will have listed a description on what their commission rate is and the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget the affiliate programs that can be directly on mostly smaller company websites. They may have higher commission rates than the big guns, but the bigger companies may have a wider appeal and customer base.

Don’t stop

Once you find yourself at 50 blog posts in your niche say within 6 months, don’t give up there, keep adding all the time. If it’s on a topic where there isn’t anymore that can be talked about, then don’t give up entirely on the website, work on getting engagement on the articles that you have already written and sharing on new websites like forums. Look through the articles and see if there is any new information that could be added to see if Google may rank it even better.

Fantastic potential

There are billions of people on the internet that any niche will have enough of an audience to be able to gain an income over time and keep getting people coming back to your site time and time again. But it is like you will always keep hearing from everywhere, creating consistent but quality content is the key.

I can’t say when you could be earning, it depends on different factors from the amount of time spent on your website and how many places you are sharing content and overall the site around as well.

Don’t get me wrong it can be hard when you are not seeing anything out of what you are working on, but it will happen trust me. It is the little things that get me excited without earning anything, like getting positive comments on my articles and new followers on social medias, it could be people with a lot of followers themselves that suddenly follow you, that is the power of social media, like Twitter, when used in the right and effective way.

Whatever niche you pick, don’t try to be somebody else when doing your articles. Also, by adding your own opinions and life experience, it makes you stand out from others and people will listen to you. Write from your heart and show your own personality.

Finally there is a fantastic article by Bethenny Carl, that a visitor to this page found, so thank you for finding this. It’s all about being a Freelancer. You may find this very useful on website planet.

Thank you for reading my article and please feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply back as soon as possible.


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