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Become a YoutuberEver watched a video from maybe your favourite youtuber and ever thought I wonder if I could make a living like they do from YouTube. It’s the second most popular search engine after Google and is owned by them. Tonnes of people use it to watch videos and by uploading on a weekly basis, you could end up earning a good income.

If your videos get enough views getting into the thousands YouTube will invite you to start showing adverts on your videos which earn money.

What is hard about being a YouTuber

Content may be easy to some and harder to think of for others, you will not be alone. Time needs to be spent on thinking of what you are going to film each week. Really think at what people may want to see and know about. Nasty comments may show up, but don’t let them upset you. There will be updates that could affect advertising and how you get views, but don’t worry you will always get notified in advance.

The most challenging part is that YouTube not too long ago made it that you have to had at least 10,000 views to be able to go into the advertising program. It works out that you get paid $1 per 1000 views and 100,000 is $100. It will take a lot of effort and you are not going to be rolling in it so quickly.

Don’t do this

Do not pay for views and subscribers, it is always best to get them organically. YouTube are hot on this kind of activity and too much of it will get noticed. Also, where exactly do they come from, when you purchase them of these websites and will you get consistent traffic from the subscribers that you paid for. You can build up your channel by being found.

Good points

If you keep trying, you could build a really good recurring income in the future. It builds your confidence, if not used to being in front of a camera. Maybe an enjoyable experience and not tied to scheduled 9 to 5 hours when you start earning a full time income and finish your working day job. It can be a fantastic learning experience, being able to film and edit your videos.

WA build online business now

Creating your videos

There is their own editor, where you can edit sections of your videos and add soundtracks. If you have an apple computer, than there is imovie maker which is quite easy to use. It’s not completely necessary to get expensive editing software but when you get more established it could be more of a consideration to purchase.

Now in terms of how long should each video be, that is entirely up to you. But definitely make it more than a minute, there will be people who like shorter videos depending on what is on and how engaging the content is. I have found that videos that are longer do get more engagement in the right circumstances and by adding a good description with plenty of tagged words.

Before you create each video, do a search on your topic and see what kind of views they have had. It is the terms that the most people are searching for that they want answered are going to probably get many views. A catchy title that is descriptive than just putting how to play guitar, a better title would be How To Play An Acoustic Guitar For Absolute Beginners!

How to get results?

  1. It’s called SEO, search engine optimisation which targets more people when searching for the terms in your blog or YouTube video. Type up a short description with a catchy title and add keywords, your videos will pop up on search results and begin to get traffic.
  2. Keep uploading videos regularly will build traffic and subscribers to your channel.
  3. Use social media to let followers know of new videos.
  4. Be Patient as you probably won’t be earning any money at the start and it will take time.
  5. Make your videos of high quality as much as you can. It doesn’t mean you need to buy loads of expensive equipment straight away because you can still do good quality videos with cheaper items. In the future if you start earning or you have saved up enough, than gradually buy a better camera for example. Speak clearly in videos and don’t act like a robot, let your personality shine through.
  6. Your YouTube channel page needs to look attractive with a nice image at the top and a good logo.

To finish, keep at it and never give in, because “you can, if you think you can”. We are now into 2019 and I am sure that YouTube will get loads more of new users, there is a massive opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a YouTuber. It will not be easy with plenty of bumps along the way.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. I will reply back as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Become a Youtuber”

  1. Hi Eden, great job on this post about you tube. I’m a writer and I’ve often wondered if I could ever actually bring myself to do some videos about writing on youtube, and your post is making me think about it again.

    I don’t use apple, have android instead, but the fact that you mention moviemaker by apple makes me think that there is probably an app I could use for editing. 

    Thank you for writing about this, looking forward to more of your posts, 


    1. Thank you Kim, 

      From when I have created videos on YouTube, I have noticed certain titles will keep picking up the views over time, there is great potential with so many people using YouTube. 

      Yes there are probably quite a few editing apps on android. 

      Best Wishes 🙂


  2. Thank you for your educative post, I once bought an e-book on how to make money via YouTube but I found the whole training very complicating. I really like the step by step guide I just read on your blog,well detailed and easy to comprehend. I just hope I get enough views on my channel as soon as possible. 

    1. Thank you Clement,

      I am sure you will soon be having many views on your channel. Keep adding those videos and sharing on different websites. I am going to be working on YouTube more this year and hopefully getting my views up to. The best of luck to you. 



  3. Wow! This is the very first time I encounter a website about posting videos on YouTube. The article was quite instructive in the way you mentioned the challenges of establishing a YouTube presence. I have started to drop content myself and consistency is the key. Anyway, keep on dropping that good content. 

    1. I am pleased you found the article instructive, that’s what I wanted to achieve. Best of luck to you with your content 🙂 


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