Earning online

My 10 top ways of earning online

1). Create a blogging website (affiliate marketing)

Can you keep churning out loads of written content, fancy building your own website. Well this is the way to go. Using my number 1 recommended platform, you will soon be starting your own website and learning all about affiliate marketing. Yes it takes time to earn your very first pound or dollar, but it’s worth the wait, as you can quit that 9 to 5 job and earn an everlasting income. Choose a niche – a topic your interested in, it can be anything. It needs to be narrowed down so you can compete in a less competitive topic. Blogging is becoming more popular.

2). Freelancing websites

You can sell your services on a site like Fiverr, like proofreading. The reason this is number 2 because I have not had success with these, but other people have fared well.

Another website called freelancer, where you submit your application for different tasks and you get paid whatever amount the company or individual has quoted.

3). Youtube

Bear in mind that you do need to pick up quite a number of views from your videos to start earning money from adverts. If you do think outside the box and come across well in your videos, then you can do well. Youtube as you know, is the number one place to go on the internet to play music and watch different videos and of course owned by the giant Google. To film your videos you only need a cheap digital camera or even a webcam to start with and then if you have apple laptop or Imac, you can use the fantastic imove editor.

Anyone can do youtube videos, but sometimes youtube can be restrictive and change the rules for earning money. The topic of choice is endless, you might want to them on pets or cars. The top youtubers earn thousands of pounds a year, you might have seen one of them on Strictly come dancing a couple of years ago. When you become successful on youtube, you can branch out into different things like selling merchandise and being sponsored by companies to try out products if you were to do product testing. The tip is to keep uploading content every week and never give up on your dream, it won’t be easy, but nothing really is.

4). Website Testing

I feel that if you sign up to a few of these websites, the income could add up nicely. It’s where the company will pay you to test out a website giving opinions on the look of the site and completing tasks for example adding a product and filling in details at the checkout, your webcam records your screen and voice and most tests are 5 to 10 minutes long. The one website I am signed up to currently is whatuserssayanddo, you get paid £5 per test that is completed. I average around one to three tests a month.

5). Stock photos

Sell any photos you capture to stock photography websites. There are many about on the internet like Shutterstock, be mindful that not all pay great rates for each photo that sells. You do need to upload a lot of photos and decent ones at that to have any chance of getting sales. Also Also, remember that photos that include anybody else’s property like a building or car needs a model release form signed, otherwise you can only sell them under editorial, where magazines and newspapers have the permission to use these.

6). Paid surveys

They are very popular and an easy way to earn online. Giving your opinion on new products or even some that haven’t came out yet. You make a difference and shape what is out there. Surveys can be anything from politics to eating out. You can spend whatever time you like on surveys, but sign up for the best ones that are better value of your time. The earning potential can be anything from £100 to £300 per month, depending on how many sites you are signed up to and how much time you spend on them.

7). GPT sites

These are websites that pay you to complete many different tasks, other than just surveys. To earn points you can watch videos, complete paid offers, surveys and even play games. Some sites can be slower at earning at others and in general you can’t earn as quick as the ones above on this list. One of the best gpt sites is Swagbucks, with it’s fresh looking website and being quite innovative, you do earn quite quickly and they always pay out with many options, including Paypal. Millions of pounds have been earned already by members worldwide. GPT is great to use to relieve boredom while earning a little extra each month and they are easy to do.

8). Publish an ebook

This is not for everyone, but if you really create a book that people like, then you can do very well indeed. If you love writing, then this is something you could have a go at. Going digital is big today and so many millions of people read books are e readers, that became popular years ago, with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle. Producing an ebook is a lot cheaper than spending an awful amount of money trying to bring out a physical book into the book stores. If this is what you want to do, just don’t give up, it may take time to earn money. Amazon is great to go through to start your ebook, they do make it an easy process.

9). Buying and selling

Now this is not for everyone and is not the easiest way in earning money. You can buy off ebay or stock websites to then sell on again for a profit. The margins can be tight because of postage costs and does depend on which websites you sell through. The problem with Ebay is that fees can add up, that is where Facebook is better. But people want even more of a bargain, I find on Facebook and it’s known for people collecting bigger items from the owner’s property. Ebay and other sites like Gumtree make it easier and secure to buy and sell.

There is the option to buy from cheap chinese wholesalers, buy in bulk and sell on. But of course you are competing with other chinese sellers and others that are doing just the same. Be cautious with this option of buying and selling on the internet, it’s a lot more tough in a crowded marketplace where margins are tight. Amazon do a programme where you buy the stock but they keep it and post it on to the customers. This is the best option, but again competitive with other buyers doing the same thing, your prices need to be lower than theirs.

10). Trading in CFDs

This comes last at number 10 and for a reason, because it’s risky. Although through perseverance and keeping ones nerve the rewards can be great. It comes down to almost placing a bet on whether a company or commodity will go up or down in value and if it turns out from what you predicted, you get a profit. In this case it’s very different to just investing in the stock market, as you are buying shares in that particular company. But if your bet has gone into a loss, wait longer to see if it goes up again.