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Review of Plus 500

Plus 500 website

This review is based on my own opinion, from experiences of using Plus 500.

About Plus 500

Plus 500 has been around for 10 years now, they are experts in CFD’s. This means its basically like buying stocks and shares. You can buy into shares of companies, cryptocurrencies and world currencies for example.

If you predict shares will go down from the time of purchase, then it will go into profit. Predicting shares to go up will be in profit to. How much profit you make depends on how much it changes and when you decide to sell up.

Headquarters are in London, UK and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority like banks are. This is very reassuring, becuase they are not going to be a scam company.

Plus 500 is very accessible through a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. There is an app available through the App Store and Google Play.

What are the risks?

The risks can be quite high compared to other ways of earning money online and other investments. On their website currently, its stated that over 80 per cent of investors loose money. It is all about spreading your money, into curruncies and companies. Never put it in loads of money and always keep an eye on when it goes up and down. I always find that if your money goes down on a particular company or other commodity, its best to leave the money in for longer, you never know it may go back up again. Be patient, but sometimes it can shoot right up. Its all about timings and being vigilant.

Take risks based on how much you can put in. Based on what I achieved, over 3 months I made a very good profit of over a £1100. Now not everybody can put in larger amounts of money, but you don’t have to put loads in. If you need to make some money online, have a look on my website at ways of earning and then you could use it for Plus 500.

A commodity like Gold performs well a lot of the time, always worth looking at its performance. I’ve had good success with Tesla, electric cars are getting more popular now and of course they sell the most expensive in the market. They can go up at quite a quick rate, its a good one to go with.

My review on Plus 500

It is a very easy website to use, not every trading one is. They do not have a research feature, instead you will have to look on Google and books for information. Just by reading the news everyday on companies and commodoties may be helpful to see, how well they are performing. Plus 500 Menu

The side menu when logged into your account is one of the best parts. You can start trading by clicking on Trade and then if you want to close a trade, go onto Open Positions. Orders are your closed trades and it will show you how much is your total loss or profit. I would say for beginners in trading this is a good place to start. Even for the ones who are more experienced in trading this is a good site to use.

Plus 500 account dashboard

Above is the account dashboard on the Trade section. At the side it has most popular trades that people make and then down the list is commodoties, companies like Tesla and curencies.

The screen is taken up with the instruments Germany 30 etc. Any in red are ones where its going down in buying or selling and in green is going up in price. To me it doesn’t look complicated, once you find your way around. When I started I just clicked around and worked out what each section was.

When it comes to trading it needs to be clear to see what might look good to buy at that particular moment and what isn’t. At the bottom of the menu, screenshot at the side, there is a demo account just to get used to using everything. No funds are required and you can play to your hearts content with trading, not real though if only. Adding and withdawing funds is great as there is the option to use Paypal.

You may come accross negative reviews of this trading site, but from my experience I haven’t had any problems. Occasionally trade and don’t put money in you can’t afford to lose. Do research and don’t treat like a get rick quick scheme, there are risks involved and may be times when your money doesn’t go into a profit.

What about any Fees?

There are no fees to withdraw money and none whatsover for trading, there are those that do.

Opening an account

It is a straightforward procedure, sign up with email address and password or via your Google or Facebook account. Identity checks are important for them, so they don’t think you are a fraudster and of course important for you to be able to add and withdraw money. A passport or driving licence to be uploaded along with documents like a bank statement that is showing your current address. It can take up to 48 hours for them to verify, but it usually is quite quick.

Lets review

Ease of use  4.5 out of 5

Features  3.5 out of 5

Design of site 4.5 out of 5

Overall = 4 out of 5

All screenshots on this page taken from plus500 website

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