Earning online

Sell your art online – show your creativity

Linoprint by Eden KayeDo you see yourself as a budding artist? well selling your artwork online can create a fantastic income.

There are so many forms of art to sculpting, photography, drawing etc. People will pay good money to buy pieces of art. It is a big market and like anything it takes a lot of work, but the rewards are worth all the time and effort. The hardest part is standing out from the rest, there are a lot of people out there now selling their art online. Always use your best artwork and share as much as possible. If the art is not that different to others, make sure it is of the highest quality. It’s like a painting looking almost exactly like the photo.

Sell from your own website

You have full control when you are selling art from your own website, but it is more work than if you are selling on marketplaces like posting the art to customers yourself. It’s not hard at all to set up a website, there are sites like Wealthy Affiliate, this site was created through it, that can help with you and uses the wordpress platform. There is a free option to sign up to, which offers great features and gives training in marketing your website. It’s great to be able to add more of a personal touch with a website. You can set up to have donations from site visitors/fans of your work.

Where else can you sell?

  • First of all list the art on Etsy, because that attracts a worldwide audience. Put on your best work and write an interesting description, how you made it and why you enjoy doing that type of art for example.
  • It’s not all about online, you can showcase work at galleries and art and craft fairs whilst promoting your website, you can gain many contacts in the art world and get more followers on your social media pages.
  • It’s really important to create social media pages on facebook, twitter and instagram of all your art work. Every art piece you can share on them and build up a following. Share to friends and family, they will hopefully share to other people to. It doesn’t actually cost too much to create advertising campaigns promoting your work on Facebook, there certainly can be quite a lot of engagement on this social media platform. Work hard on social media and it will really work well for you.
  • Online art marketplaces like Redbubble. They will do all the work for you in terms of sending your artwork to the customers, doing prints and you can even sell memorabilia that they source. Of course with all marketplaces there are fees for example when you sell.

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