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Freebie sites

Freebie Sites!You can actually aquire free products, if you know where to look for them. The easiest way is to sign up to websites that will direct you to all the freebies they can find and send you emails at where to get them from and how to go about it.

That could be through entering competitions, signing up for free samples of products, paying the postage for the free item, but don’t worry you are not getting ripped and lastly through product testing sites.

The most recent product I got for free was a 1kg gold bar necklace, just paying £8 postage for a free necklace worth nearly £100. Ottega London were giving away 500 products of the new necklace for publicity. By the way this promotion has now finished, but this is just an example of what items you can aquire for free, bar the postage cost.

You can genuinely get everyday household products, saving lots of money through the year if you are consistent. Products like packs of free baby wipes, soap, bath products, etc. If you are lucky enough to get chosen for products that you sign up with through product testing sites, after completing the review, they let you keep the item. These can be more expensive items like Dyson hoovers and big screen Tv’s.

Why do companies give away free items?

What are they going to get out of giving away free products you may ask? Well quite simply it is a way of advertising and promoting new products. It can as you imagine attract a lot of interest and spread the word around. It may get them more sales after the promotional period. We all love getting free items, have a look at several of the sites below.

What sites are there?

My top two and they are ones that I am signed up to are:

Magic Freebies and Wow FreeStuff

Other sites you can sign up to include:

Top three product testing websites that I have picked out are:

Remember with product testing, it can be like entering competitions, because you may not be chosen that often for products as there are a lot of members signed and only so many products to go around. Beware of not signing up to scam product testing websites. Here is a link to a website (MoneySavingExpert) that has all legit sites that come recommended.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply back as soon as possible. Have you had experiences of getting freebies, please tell us about it.