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So who are Appen and what can they offer you?

A lot of us like to be helped out in this day and age by technology, this is where Appen use data collected from it’s remote workers, for programs to perform better. Devices still need to learn from humans, how to respond to our requests. Devices like Alexa are also helped by this, working by the user speaking commands to it and then it will do that task, like searching the internet or calling a person for you. Appen are a big player in making the internet and technology better for all of us. Who better to work for and really make a difference.

The company started in the mid 90s and currently are around the world in 130 countries, with over a staggering 1 million work at home independent contractors (do not receive a regular income like an employee would). Just recently they took over a company called Leapforce, who are in the same industry. This of course increases what the workers can do and earn more income hopefully. The HQ is based in the very sunny climate of Sydney, Australia – Good Day 🙂

Are Appen a scam you might ask – no definitely not. There is the real address on the website and being an independent contractor for them myself, I have always been paid. But that being said there have been scams reported about people pretending to work for Appen and saying that all equipment will be provided. This would never be the case, you have to have the equipment already. If they are offering you thousands of pounds/dollars or asking for card details, then it is a scam.

2019 is shaping to be another great year for them. Getting the top spot for the number 1 work from home company for Number 1 spot Appenremote jobs. Who better to work for and they are someone you can trust, considering there are a lot of scam websites about now.

On the website Glassdoor, they have been marked overall 3.1 stars out of 5 from 675 reviews of what people felt they were like to work for, from their own experiences.

Just some jobs on offer

Internet analyst – Would this interest you? Providing your opinions on how internet search results, adverts and just general web page content looks.

Social Media Evaluator – Say what you think of how the content looks on social media, e.g. news feeds, adverts and search results. Usually it is a part-time role of up to 20 hours a week, but there is flexibility there.

Micro Tasks – Not able to spend hours on tasks, well Micro tasks are for you, usually not needing to spend any more than an hour on them.

Transcriber – Good with languages like French or Spanish? Transcribing could be the perfect job for you, to work from home.

Linguist – Checking audio data of a foreign language for any errors.

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The requirements to work for Appen:

  • High speed broadband
  • Computer with microphone
  • Over the age of 18
  • Antivirus software with a firewall
  • Able to research the web to a good level with excellent analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • When applying for language jobs, fluent in languages
  • Have a smartphone for certain tasks and download the appen mobile app



If you start work with Appen and earning an income, do you need to sign up to be self-employed? Well if you end up earning a certain amount with them, enough to have to start being self-employed, then yes. But if it is the odd tasks that you are completing then no, only a tax return needs to be completed if the earnings are over £2500 and it will make you still below the £12,500 you can earn tax free from a job or you are over £12,500 in wage earnings and receiving any little income from Appen, as this will change the amount of tax you earn.

Now I know there may be people that think why bother, it’s not hardly any income to justify filling a tax return in the UK or they don’t think it’s fair, well do not take the risk, because the United Kingdom tax office or whoever they are in your country could come after you and you could be hit with hefty fines, as they say better to be safe than sorry.


Pros and cons of working for Appen


  • For certain tasks you do receive a decent pay
  • A reputable company to work for that has won awards

  • Easy tasks to complete


  • Could have bank transfers included in the payment options
  • Some tasks may take quite a bit of time to complete. Not paying a good enough amount to reflect the time spent.

They are a reliable company and I can testify to that. There are tests that can be completed to help qualify for more tasks, like an English spelling test.

I came across Appen whilst searching for work at home opportunities. I wanted to do something different to the online paid surveys that I’d done in the past, that was going to be a little better value for my time.

This website is good for anybody to work from home on, from stay at home mums to students. It is a nice little side income and you are helping to create better systems.

Appen are very good at letting you know all the information of any tasks that you are offered to do, how much the pay is and how long it will take. Always keep looking out for any vacancies for a weekly job on there or you may be invited to them.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you have worked or currently work for Appen.