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The make money online niche – should you choose it for your blogging website?

Making money online niche?When it comes to starting up your own blogging website, like this one of mine. You may start thinking what kind of niche/topic should I choose, making money online may come into mind. It is a popular topic to type into the search engine, so many people want to know what the secret is and maybe want to try to replace their 9 to 5 day job. But is it a crowded marketplace? the answer to that question is of course yes, but it is still achievable to get results.

There are also more ways than just earning through affiliate marketing, that is creating landing pages to achieve results, this is something that I want to look into doing.

If you don’t have a passion for the making money online niche, simply don’t go for it. It can be a hard nut to crack, you need to make your content appealing and you will be competing against some big players, but there is the big swarms of people that there is enough to go around. This niche maybe the first one you think of, but really consider if it is one that will suit you and to be able to produce enough content, to get the website noticed by Google and gain traffic. 

My opinion of whether to go into it or not is Yes, but it will be much harder than other niches because of the amount of competition around. Also, I decided to go into this niche after going into a different subject with my first website of pets. If you are questioning whether to go into a niche that is not on making money online, then go for it.

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Reviewing websites

Many bloggers in this niche, to build up content and get their website recognised, will review websites where you can earn money on. These can be very popular because people want to know whether the site they have found is a scam or not, as we know there are a lot of scams that knock about currently on the internet. There may be ones that you have already been a member on and you can do a detailed review on them and then you can test other sites out to see what their like and let people know what it is like.

How to make a success of it?

It is always a case of keep adding that content, because visitors will keep coming back to your website if it is of good value Let's make a success of it!to them. Also, Google will take notice of this. Gain as much engagement as you can with people commenting on your articles, maybe get friends to have a look and ask them to put a comment, that will get you started. 

By joining Wealthy Affiliate you gain knowledge on building your own website and about affiliate marketing. But there is also a section amoungst others that you can request comments with 2 credits, that you earn by offering other people comments on their articles.

Keep looking for new ways to make content engaging, like creating different graphics, for example a bullet point list on how to build a website on the WordPress platform. 

Make your posts colourful but with a simple layout, that visitors will find appealing to read. Always use a hard hitting headline as if it’s a news title. Make use of social media to share and create landing pages that offer a digital product for example, but in return they give their email address for marketing emails to be sent to them and this usually gets more leads, without spamming of course.

Be patient and work hard on your website every day to keep moving forward!

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Are you in the making money online niche? If so, what is your opinion on this topic?