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Become a website tester on Whatusersdo

Website testing

Please note there is an affiliate link on this page. By clicking on this, signing up and completing your first test, I will be paid for the referral.

Become a website tester and earn a little income every month, it won’t be a lot of money, but it is a good way of earning some money on the internet. I want to talk about the website Whatusersdo which has over 30,000 users worldwide. Since becoming part of a bigger company called Userzoom, it has opened up the opportunities for people to complete more website reviews. I will go through what it is like, from my own experience of being a user on this website.


Anybody worldwide can sign up and they pay through paypal on the 25th of each month. On average, you could earn up to £15 per month, maybe more, depending on how well you complete every test. The applying process does not take long, roughly 15 minutes filling in personal details and interests. There is a practice test included to pass before you can start, this is straightforward to do. Once successful there is an app to downloaded on the computer to record your voice and screen. Do not worry it only opens up when recording the tests, not to capture everything you do on your computer.

It is your chance to make a difference to the internet, by taking website tests for hundreds of companies like the clothing brand Asos and Virgin Atlantic, even reviewing for governments and TV channels. There are tasks to complete and can take 5 to 10 minutes mostly to complete although some can take longer. The pay is good and can be better value for time than paid surveys, paying £5 for each test. You recieve emails every time a test is available to be completed, some will have screening questions to see if you match the criteria.

They may want you to checkout with a product to see what you think of the online purchasing process without going through to purchasing of course and inputting fake details. Another scenario could be testing out a government website, navigating through menus to complete a task. The websites can be old or new, that you test out and there is the option to do tests on your mobile phone and tablet with downloading the recording application. Whilst going through they like you to do verbal answers and also speak through the experience of using the website.

What is required to be a tester on this website

  • Computer with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10/later Apple mac OSX 10.9 and later
  • A computer that has the following

– Processor with 2GHz Dual core/more

– 2GB of Ram or more

– Disk Space that has 5GB or over

– microphone built in or external (could use a headset)

  • An Internet Explorer 11 Browser or the most current Edge. You can also use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • You need high speed broadband
  • A Paypal account for payments


There is the bonus of earning through referring people to Whatusersdo. Each person that you refer, you will earn £2 every time, but only after they complete their first website test. This is paid also on the 25th of each month.

My Assessment

Depending on whether you meet different criteria, there usually is an abundance of tests available and you are sure to be hopefully earning from £5 up to £15 a month, maybe a little more. Be careful as they will randomly quality control check a test that you have completed, if it has been marked poorly by the client, you will not get any tests for 2 to 3 months. Make sure to answer the questions properly and in as much detail as you can. If it keeps happening, you could be kicked off permanently.

Overall they always pay you on time and the tests are mostly easy and interesting to do.

Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you are already a user on this website, I would like to see what you think.

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Utility Warehouse Distributor – What’s it all about?



Utility Warehouse

The FTSE 250 company owned by Telecom Plus was founded in 2002 and is based in London, it has over 600,000 customers. They provide services like gas, electricity and mobile phone contracts to name a few, these are supplied from other companies through to Utility Warehouse customers. What is different is that they like to bundle services together to make it fair to new and old customers in terms of pricing.Utility services

Many awards have been won, including the utilities brand of the year for 2018. They also offer a cashback scheme and life insurance.

It differs from others where they do no advertising whatsoever, instead it works on customers telling other people about the company and through the over 40,000 distributors.

This is operated as a Multi Level Marketing Scheme, the more people a distributor can get signed up, the more that can be earned. Rewards for hitting targets are given out, like being given a Utility Warehouse branded Mini Cooper and to be able to drive one of their fleet of Porsche Boxters. Holidays are also part of the rewards and cash bonuses to, also with an option to buy company shares. Celebrities are used for online promotional videos, one of them being Joanna Lumley.

From a customer point of view they are rated as great on the review site Trustpilot UK. There are just shy of 6,900 reviews as of February 2019, giving the firm four out of five stars. They do offer good service, but have been in trouble in the past with the Advertising Standards Authority. 2018, they were told to take down a very misleading website advert claiming to have the UK’s cheapest mobile service, when it did not. It has also been reported that customers have gone elsewhere and saved a lot of money on their utility services. Hire your freelancer today


What is my opinion on this opportunity

When I signed up I had emails and a telephone conservation with a mentor that also is a distributor, giving me lots of information. The only cost to be paid is £100 and this is reduced from a higher figure, because if you sign up to the mobile, you are then a customer, making the cost lower. The £100 is actually refunded if you reach the referall target within 19 days. There was one conference/training session to attend, they have these in various cities across the UK. Cut a long story short I booked up online but I was having second thoughts at whether this whole opportunity was going to work out for me.

You see you can sign up family and friends, but I didn’t want to annoy and pester them into signing up and I was also unsure if I was able to sign up people from going around places like schools as well.

I didn’t want to upset and anger people, I made the decision to cancel the training session and inform my mentor and company that I was not going ahead. The other point is there could be a lot of travelling around involved to get new sign ups, also once you have been to places around where you live, to keep getting sign ups, you are going to be travelling further afield, is it worth it? Now thankfully all though I thought I had lost the £100 joining up fee, that was refunded back to me.

The pros and cons


  • Well established company

  • Fantastic rewards for distributors who hit targets


  • Has been in trouble with the ASA
  • Concerning complaints from customers and former distributors
  • I found the information to be a bit overwhelming
  • Could be doing a lot of travelling about

Make your dream a reality




Should you become a distributor?

I would like to say this is not a scam, but the earning potential can vary depending on how much work is put in. Also, whether this is for you and how easy would it be to sign up people up to the services. It is in my opinion that if your friends and family won’t want to sign up through you, then it could be a loosing battle to get other people to sign up.

Of course it works, but how hard is it to earn money and are customers really getting the cheapest deals on the market. There are quite a few reviews on the internet about being a distributor for Utility Warehouse, where there videos on YouTube. There have been many negative reviews, also from customers, it is a mixed bag with positive too. Don’t get me wrong there are others doing well and making a large yearly income, but is this a small number. It does depend on in a way if you have a large contact list, as well as really being able to persuade others to join up. A lot of people quite rightly are skeptical of people trying to sell them something, maybe in the street/place or on the doorstep.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible. Maybe you have had experience with Utility Warehouse as a distributor and a customer.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/08/get-rich-quick-utility-warehouse-energy-scheme-joanna-lumley