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Write an ebook

Using laptopEver thought of writing your own book, well what about an ebook. It is easier and cheaper to do than bringing out a printed book. In the age of the modern era, people like to read on the internet and from different electronic devices like e readers and tablets. As you can imagine it is a massive marketplace and it’s something that you could have much success with. But you need to feel in the mood to type up thousands of words and come up with a story, it is much easier to do it on a passion. The good thing about doing ebooks is they do not cost a fortune to do, there are no printing costs for a start.

Where do I even begin?

Think of a storyline and write it down or type it up in a microsoft word document, on this you can create a book setup. Are you going to write a book that is fictional or nonfictional. It could be an adventure story or an informational book on looking after certain pets for example. What about the title, really think at what is going to stand out and be memorable. It doesn’t have to be long winded, but linking up to what the book is about.

If it helps of what to write about, do a brainstorm diagram of ideas, that may help. Take breaks in between writing and don’t forget to update a page on any sources like websites that were used for research, if you are producing an informational book. Include the copyright page on the second page, here is a web page to help you out.

Front cover and imagery

You can try to create the front cover yourself or pay a small amount for someone to create one for you on Fiverr. If you are going to use images if it’s a fiction book, then use your own captured photos or go to a paid stock photo website to make sure you are covered from copyright, it will give you for example maybe 100 to 200 images in a year for a price like £99 a year, but there are other options available.

Don’t forget grammar

You have to make sure to proofread the whole ebook, once you have finished. Again you can pay to have this done on Fiverr or go through carefully yourself, making sure there are the correct punctuation marks and all the spelling is up to scratch. There is nothing worse than spelling errors, because the reader will lose interest and it doesn’t do you any favours as you start out. Use the feature on microsoft word to check or use the website Grammarly and this is free or to go onto paid to be able to access every feature.

Price and selling

Amazon is a huge marketplace for ebooks especially with the Amazon kindle and e readers that so many people have. I recommend signing up to thier direct publishing, when you are ready you can upload your finished ebook. They make it an easy process. Whilst selling on Amazon, you may have your own website, definitely place it for sale on there to.

The process is that you will write a short description about the ebook and upload the front cover to be saved in PDF format. Pricing, you can start anywhere from 99p, but it is best to make it as low as possible, because unless it’s best-selling already and a very long book, then an expensive price will detract people from buying.

Also the Apple app store is another big marketplace and it would be a good idea to also sell on there to.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting is absolutely key to getting your ebook out there, otherwise who is going to know it’s about. Use the normal avenues of social media, like Facebook and Twitter, build up your followers. Using forums is a good way at building up followers and even doing a video on your ebook on YouTube. Try to get reviews from websites that will then advertise your book on their site.


It is possible to earn from an ebook, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Promotion will be what sets you apart and it’s something that you need to work on all the time. Take your time and check through your work as you go along.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

Source: https://www.websitex5.com/en/create-ebook.html?utm_source=PPC&__c=1

Affiliate Marketing

10 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing word map

For many people who are starting out in affiliate marketing, it may seem like a mine field. But it is achievable and there is room for everybody, because the amount of us around the world online right now. I wanted to give you 10 tips, from what I’ve picked up over the past months.


Affiliate Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page, if you click on them, it will take you to the website and if you decide to sign up, I would make a commission. Please note you are under no obligation to purchase anything. 

1. Useful content

Visitors to your website are obviously looking for that certain information, but to get them to revisit time and time again, you need to be adding content that is of great value to them. Something that they did not find maybe on another website or where there is more engagement with images, charts and other links. Are the adverts and product links useful, fitting with what you are talking about.

2. Be yourself

Don’t try to write like you are a sales person or a professional, it may come across as boring and as is if you are trying to sell them something all the time. It is much more interesting to speak from your heart and its being honest to. Visitors will relate to what you are saying and just like when they watch their favourite youtuber, they will like your personality. The great thing about having your own blogging website, is that you can portray your own character across to people, which adds that personal and creative touch.

3. Good content layout

Now don’t you just hate reading whole areas of text bunched together without any images or just a bit of space on the page. Always think carefully about your article layout, small paragraphs and bold/larger text for headlines. It is important to use more than one heading to separate the different sections that is explaining what you are talking about. You will find with bad content layout, that it will lose the interest of people very quickly. Really think where the best places are to put ads and affiliate links, to get the results you want.

4. Creating plenty of content

Remember you need to try as much as possible to be publishing at least one to two articles a week on your website and if plenty of contentyou can even three. This is how you are going to get noticed and build up trust on Google and it helps to build that important engagement. Say you build up loads of followers on social media sites and you don’t publish for a long time or regularly enough, you could be at risk of loosing those followers.

5. Use Quora

This was mentioned on a website that I am signed up on, using the site Quora. This is where people can go on there and answer a question on any topic and others will answer. The idea is to as well as answer the question, is place a link to one of your website articles that is completely related to the question being asked. Don’t do this on every question that you answer, because it will be classed as spamming and you will be kicked off, only just occasionally. This could be a good trick to boosting website visitors.

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6. Read the terms and conditions

Always read through the terms and conditions, when you sign up to an affiliate program. Use any product images for articles from the links provided on your account and not from the website pages directly. These will make sure that you will be paid the commission, instead being booted off. Even if you use the wording of Amazon anywhere as a link, this can be breaking the rules if you are part of the affiliate program. There is an Amazon buy button that you can copy and paste as a link.

7. Do not spend mega bucks

Spending money on promoting a product you have reviewed for example is not necessarily going to give you what you were looking for. You could end up loosing money by advertising all the time, its better to use free methods of promotion.

8. The truth and nothing but the truth

Don’t use false claims about products or services, make sure that what you have found with researching is correct, so on the top retail sites for example with products. There will be people who will spot that the claims are not correct, could be at risk of being terminated from the affiliate program.

9. Watch your affiliate links

I have learnt this from an early stage, when I started out. Be careful placing too many affiliate links in an article for example, where you have typed 500 words. Also, definitely don’t include loads of affiliate links if most of your articles are at 500 words or just over. Google could class your website as spam and that will greatly affect your rankings and probably your ability to get indexed (found by Google). This also goes for advertising. So either place one affiliate link or one advert to be on the safe side. You want to be seen as adding value to your site and gaining trust with visitors. Articles that are 700 to 1000 words you can add more adverts and links.

10. Help others

Its great helping others who are in your field, whether it could be leaving them a comment on their article or helping them with a problem. It doesn’t always have to be about can I gain financially by helping that person out. It helps to build trust and you never know, they could do you a good deed.

To finalise

It will take time to make that first bit of money in affiliate marketing and there will be tough as well as good times. But remember it can be done, work hard and keep believing in your dreams. It can be a very rewarding way of earning money online and also isn’t it great when you can help so many people too.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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Work from home (no scams) Don’t be the next victim

Happy man on the laptopThere are legitimate ways of working from home to earn an online income, you just got to know where to look and be careful what you sign up for. Thousands of people around the world get scammed on a daily basis online, just trying to find that solution. The internet has been around for decades now and there are more and more scams coming up every day. I don’t want you being fooled by a scam and loosing a lot of money. It really does give other innocent websites and the internet in general a bad name in making money online.

Included on this page is a link and if you sign up, I will get paid, thank you.

How to not be the next victim

  • Does it tell you that you have to spend loads of money to sign up for that magical service, that is saying you will earn masses of money in a matter of weeks. Well stop right there and don’t click the button. Anything that is saying this is a scam, you have to put hard work in and spend time in achieving an online income.
  • Research the website on the internet, there are sure to be many reviews on it being a big scam.
  • When others have signed up to scams, they are bombarded with tons of emails and there are loads of upsells that keep popping up on the website.
  • Testimonials from so called happy people, whether they are videos or write ups. The videos will actually be of professionals where their gigs were purchased of Fiverr, to talk in a video. Saying “I earned so much money in only a few days”.

Want to find a legit way of learning, to eventually make an income online, Well Click Here!!!


Legit Work From Home Jobs

Remember to declare any extra income on an annual tax return to HMRC for anybody reading in the UK and for other countries that have a similar situation. Some of these jobs below may require you to go self employed as a freelancer because of the type of work that is involved.

  1. Blogger – I really recommend doing blogging, you can create a website on any passion of yours. You just have to like writing, as content needs to be added on a weekly basis. You can earn from people clicking on links and buying the product/service, advertising and even offering website services to other people.
  2. Transcriber – This is not going to be for everyone, but they do pay well. Can you correctly type at least 65 words per minute, then being a typist could be right up your street. It involves listening or reading wording and typing down in a certain period of time. Some sites will pay better than others and you could make a decent little income over time. Join up on this website called Take Note and see if you pass the tests.
  3. Internet Analyst – There will be tasks to complete like choosing the correct grammatical sentences and checking google search results for example. Appen is an Australian company that you can sign up to and complete different tasks. They have recently added PayPal as a payment option or you can get paid via another platform called Payoneer but there is a minimum payout threshold of $50 dollars which can be a pit of a pain.
  4. Tutoring – Be an online tutor in your favoured subject, it could be Maths, ICT, foreign languages and many others. Work part-time and have pride in teaching many students via web cams. There are no hard tests to do and you don’t need a university degree to apply. Superprof is the place to sign up for free. You could end up earning up to £3000 per month, stated on their website.
  5. Product tester – Once you sign up, see if you get selected to test a product. The great thing is you get to keep the item and give your opinion on it. You may not get a lot items to test out or you may get a lot, it varies. Some people have had expensive digital items to test and keep. Toluna is a website where you can do product tests and you can complete paid surveys.
  6. Buy and sell – Work entirely for yourself and earn a full time income buying from wholesalers or auctions and selling on for profit on websites. It is a very competitive marketplace and items being sold from countries like China can undercut you, so that is something to keep in mind. That is why this is low down on my list, but many people have been successful in this field. Do your research to what items are really going to sell, you want to start of small and then go along as a process, keeping track of all expenses.
  7. Telephone/online chat advisor – There are companies out there looking to employ people to work from home to provide customer service by chatting on the phone or online. It could be a monotonous job and again not for everyone. There are other jobs where you sell products or a service to. Do a search on the internet and go with a reputable company.
  8. Be a representative – Drop of catalogues from companies like Avon which sell beauty products through peoples letterboxes and collect to see for any orders. Then drop off their orders once they are delivered to you. Its something where you could get to know the local community more and build fantastic relationships with your customers. There are many people that have earned well through this. Usually with these type of opportunities, you will get trained up by someone who also works as an Avon rep but trains up others. This is another progression with these companies.

Anything you sign up for, always read the terms and conditions. I know some can be quite long winded, but its best to check through, so you don’t come across any nasty surprises down the road.

Thank you for reading my article, please feel free to leave any comments below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

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About Eden

About Eden

Eden Kaye

Hello and welcome to my website. You may have come here in your quest to try to earn an income online. There are millions of people in the world wanting to achieve this. It could be people tired of the 9 to 5 job, pensioners looking to boost their income, disabled that cannot get out of the house, students and mothers for example.

I really do believe that it is possible to earn online, but you need to spend the time and be patient to succeed, just like any everyday business. There are many scams out there, so you have to be careful on the internet.


I have always wanted to earn an income online and have tried different ways in achieving this, be that free and paid, but unfortunately its not worked out as I’d hoped. When I was at college I started online paid surveys and it was about the third year of completing them that I really put in the time to earn more from this.

On my third year, I managed to earn £3,800 and in total £4,700. Many hours per day were spent on them and it got very monotonous and quite frankly it was not good value for time. I was actually signed up to around 100 surveys sites and only under half were the better earners, there were quite a lot, where there were no earnings.

Others tried were stocks and shares, ended up loosing out. Investing in Bitcoin, unfortunately again missed out after the boom. Even paying to create my own mobile app, but didn’t make any money from it.

Youtube videos, but you have to get millions of views to get anywhere with earning from adverts. A couple of years ago I found a website where you earn from signing up people to mobile phone contracts, but you need to know a lot of people as this was how it worked and that is even if they sign up for the service, you might not have many friends left, trying to be an over pushy salesmen. Stock photography websites is something that has been tried, but you need amazing photos to earn anything.

So as you can see I have tried out a few things online. There are some other ways which do work and I have not fully tried them out. Fiverr can be a great way to earn as well as on freelance websites, but I found that you are up against a lot of competition.

The latest is website user testing which is good, as its £5 per completed test, but only signed up to one site as I don’t want to spend hours like I did with the surveys every day. The number one recommendation is what I am on now, you can see more about this soon on my website.


I feel that anybody wanting to, can earn an income online. There is great satisfaction for me in helping. It may be a time where money is tight and earning online can be a great way to go. It may feel frustrating when you think you have found something, but it just turns out to be a waste of time. I want my site to be one of the sites to assist, you are not alone. I’ve had the fortune to find a great platform that helps and I wish to show you.


The knowledge that I have picked up and the platforms that I know of, hopefully will be of use to you. Maybe finding about things where you could earn on the internet, that you didn’t know of before. To help make your dream a reality over time with my number 1 platform of earning online.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,