15 Best Paid Survey Sites!

My best paid survey sites

There are affilaite links on this page, which means I get paid whenever you click on a link and sign up. 

This is a list of my top 15 best paid survey sites based on my own experiences of using them in the past.

Paid surveys are for companies or even governments to see what people may think to their service/product. Newspapers also publish the results from surveys based on different topics like politics. The world of market research is such an important part and the easiest way in seeing what people think. Surveys are able to gather in just a matter of hours these days results. 

Dedicated survey takers can earn hundreds of pounds per year, but a tip is only sign up to the ones that are worth your while.


  • In the UK if you earn over £2500 in extra income, this must be declared in tax returns. It depends on how much is earned in your job to determine how much tax may be paid on the survey earnings. In the UK £12,500 can be earned without being taxed.

  • Do not lie in surveys, you could be kicked out and lose all of your rewards. 
  • It takes time to start earning a decent income, sign up for more than five if you can.

  • There are quotas where surveys can get filled up, depending on how many people they need to take the survey. Screening questions are designed to see if you are suitable for completing the survey. Some will give a competition entry for not qualifying for a survey.

  • Always make sure that your profiles are complete, on topics like what are your interests, this is used by them to send you emails to surveys that you may qualify for. Doing this will increase your earning potential.

  • Never pay to join, it will always be free
  • Complain via email and social media if you haven’t received your payment for example.

  • Withdraw your cash/points as soon as possible, because if they close down, it all goes down with it.

1). Toluna

This has been around for many years now and is one of the leading market researchers around the world. They are a french company and have daily polls on the site and I always had a lot of paid surveys to complete. I was probably earning around £30 a month, which is great. Many paid options like shopping vouchers to exchange for points or paypal.

2). Valued Opinions

Another high paying site, when I was signed up. A lot of good paying surveys and interesting to, on many topics. I just love the feel and using the website. Again you can withdraw through paypal once you reach the £10 mark, which after the first time is quite quick. Also, shopping vouchers like Amazon to choose from. They are currently not accepting new members, but keep checking back to see when they do. 

3). Ipsos (I say pays)

I completed so many surveys on this site and earned a consistent income every month. The choice of reedamble rewards are great with amazon vouchers and paypal. The surveys are very fresh and modern looking, also easy to complete. They are one of the main players in the market research field and were founded in France.

4). Swagbucks

There are daily polls, watching videos, using its search engine and answering surveys that you can complete for points. It’s a fun website with plenty of activities to do. For me this was a top site in terms of how much was being earned monthly. The site looks modern and fresh looking with quick loading times. The choice of rewards for redeeming points makes it one of the best. For example 849 points for a £5 amazon voucher and 800 points for £5 Paypal. There are many other vouchers for shops like in the UK – John Lewis, Sainsburys and Argos. There is even a cashback section for when you shop and there are codes daily that you click on to get rewarded a certain amount of Swagbuck points.

5). Yougov

The threshold for withdrawing is £50, but the surveys are varied and you may find that you complete a lot of political surveys. There is a wonderful feature that shows you all the top news that members are talking about, they are very much into their statistics. They always pay on time, through a bank transfer if you like. Also, high paying surveys to help you reach that threshold in very good time. I was on here for a couple of years and really did well on Yougov.

6). Opinion Outpost

This was one of my high paying sites and I just loved completing the surveys. By reaching £2.50, you are able to then withdraw with Paypal or Amazon. There are prize entry draws like other survey sites and entries are gained from some surveys. When Opinion World a few years ago joined Opinion Outpost and it obviously greatly increased the surveys.

7). Newvistalive

I really enjoyed taking their surveys, because of the layout of them. Checks are paid out once £50 is reached. This may seem high, but it can be reached sooner than you think. Most surveys are £1 and don’t be surprised to earn over £100 in a year, depending on how many you qualify for and how many you get in on time. They take quality control very seriously and add questions in to check you are paying attention and these can be even placed into the end of a survey. Be careful, as you could lose the money from the survey after completing so much of it.

8). Onepoll

Nice and quick surveys, where there are a lot of 5, 10, 15 and 20p surveys which take a couple of minutes to do and then the longer ones that can pay 50p, £1 and over. One of my favourite sites when I was doing surveys. A £25 threshold and you can be paid through paypal or a bank transfer.

9). PopulusLive

They have high paying surveys, £1 for every 5 minutes. I think this is a good pay out system that is fair. A lot of surveys last 10 to 15 minutes and many are based on politics, but also on TV adverts as well as others. You get paid when the £50 threshold has been reached. For me I managed to qualify for a lot of surveys and fortunately was quick enough before the surveys got the quota of people they needed. It is said on their website that members since 2010 have earned over £6 million. They can be quite stringent on quality control, checking if people have rushed through answering questions or not answered in enough detail. The bad thing is that you can only get paid with a cheque, not got the choice of payment options that other survey sites have. Please note that only UK residents aged 16 and over can join.

10). Panelbase

A company that is based in the UK and the surveys range anywhere from 25p up to £10. Threshold pays out once £10 is reached and surveys are quite quick to answer. Payment through bank transfer or Love2Shop and Compliment vouchers. Product testing and focus groups are also included within the surveys.

11). Pinecone

Number 11 on the list sees the top secret site Pinecone. I say top secret, because you can only sign up if you are invited or you click on a website banner, where they are accepting new members and you get accepted. The great thing about this site, is you can withdraw at only £3 and basically you get paid £3 per survey. Paypal and Amazon vouchers are the options to get your payments.

12). Crowdology

The threshold for withdrawing is a low £4 and you can be paid via paypal, this will have 2% taken for fees or Amazon vouchers. Surveys can start from 40p up to £10, with them lasting 2 to 15 minutes.

13). Branded Surveys

When I used to complete surveys on this website, it was called Mintvine. Again there is a low withdrawal amount of £8 and payments can be made into a Paypal account or high street vouchers. It has been reported and I can voucher for this to, that it doesn’t that long to reach £8, as you also get rewarded with quick surveys that are available and daily polls, which are fun.

14). YourSayPays

Surveys are very quick, on average it takes 2 minutes and most at 50p. Get up to £20 and you can withdraw with Paypal and Amazon vouchers. Emails are not really sent out with new surveys, instead login every day and maybe at different times if you can, there is sure to be one or more to complete. Competitions are sometimes conducted with winners receiving an Amazon voucher.

15). Answerpoints

Points are received and 50 points are given out when you first register. It is 500 points for amazon vouchers and there is the option to donate to charity. There may not be loads of surveys on this one, but they are nice to do. Also, 50 points can be used to get prize draw entries.

Just one last thing to mention is that there is this very helpful website called SurveyPolice. It gives you the reviews and rating from other people of hundreds of survey sites and also all the ones that are available to sign up to in different countries. There are blogs on there, like what is done with the research from surveys.

Thank you for reading this article on my 15 best paid survey sites, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as possible.

Source: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/make-money-surveys/

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